Respect actors like frontline workers, follow government guidelines and save lives: CINTAA

Kush Shah and 3 other test positives on Taarak Mehta sets … Anupama actor Sudhanshu Pandey shoots from home after receiving COVID-19 … Aniruddh Dave shoots in Bhopal for critical web series … Actor anchor Shripradha dies due to COVID complications … Marathi actor Abhilasha Patil dies due to COVID complications … The first three days were horrific, says Anupama actor Tassnim Sheikh, who tested positive for COVID-19 … These are some of the countless current headlines that shock the Acting Brotherhood to have. Everyone from Akshay Kumar to Govinda to Alia Bhatt to Katrina Kaif to Vicky Kaushal to Bhumi Pednekar to Aamir Khan to R Madhavan to Manoj Bajpayee to Ranvir Shorey was affected by Covid.

The best example of the type of errors that occurred was the shooting of Major Bickramjeet Singh, which unfortunately expired. He and two other actors who had traveled from the airport, lived in different hotels and traveled back to the airport separately, had two things in common. They shared a van in Lucknow. And brought COVID home to their spouses and families. Unfortunately, one of them paid with his life. This is just one of the many victims of COVID-19 that we have faced during this difficult time.

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While the Cine and Television Actors’ Association (CINTAA) paid tribute to the producers’ and production houses’ efforts to continue their work beyond Maharashtra’s borders, it took serious note that many of its artist members died while filming due to COVID outside from Maharashtra and promptly requested strict adherence to all health and safety protocols and the distribution of a copy of the SOP by its members in order to investigate any negligence that would seriously affect entire units.

CINTAA also asked about the SOP which was developed according to the new virus strain and which could be negative in the 1st RT-PCR. This means that the cast and crew must be isolated before and after the shoot.

CINTAA has also requested logs for 1-2 day character artists, stating that it must be ensured that they are filming in the vicinity of medical emergencies or on-set arrangements and that the actors undergo an RT-PCR test before filming an outdoor place.

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“It is wonderful that television footage is shot in a bubble with the necessary precautions, but we fear that a safe bio-bubble of the IPL has been breached. It won’t be long before this disaster hits television recordings. There is a traffic of actors traveling to and from filming, using flights and airports, and the risk of infection is tenfold, ”said the CINTAA spokesman.

CINTAA also expressed the need to know whether all manufacturers have adequately covered the health and lives of actors and technicians. “Given the skyrocketing medical costs, it is only prudent that the expenses are covered in full and with no burden on our members,” the CINTAA spokesman said emphatically, urging that the 30-day payment in the current situation be completed As the pandemic is adhered to in order to improve its financial position, CINTAA has expressed displeasure over arrears for years, down to just Rs. 3000 even from the prestigious homes.

CINTAA insisted that actors who are uncomfortable in the current phase of the pandemic be replaced overnight without further discussion and insisted that they be compensated.

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“Most producers say film workers are front workers. We would like to point out that if there is a category that actually takes the form of front workers, it is the actors who have to play their scenes without masks. Who have to come into close contact with the make-up artists, stylists and so on. They are therefore the most vulnerable and prone to COVID infections. Therefore, we appeal to all those involved who want to know who has the moral responsibility: When the actor hires COVID, who takes care of all hospital / illness costs, insurance, injury insurance and death insurance, etc. The broadcaster takes responsibility We would like to know that the studio is responsible or the producer association or the individual producer is responsible, ”asked CINTAA.

CINTAA urges the need to work in a healthy ecosystem and understands the issue of stakeholders and business, but wants the association to be consulted because “This current pandemic wave is far more dangerous than the first wave and we are most likely stepping in now the 3rd wave of the COVID 19 crisis arrives. The pandemic has forced us to distance ourselves socially, but we are united in the fight against the pandemic and remain optimistic that our collective strength will soon lead to normalcy. “

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The CINTAA Executive Committee also welcomed Yashraj Films’ endeavors to solicit the Honorable Maharashtra CM Shri Uddhav Thackeray for the Covid 19 vaccination of 30,000 registered FWICE Mumbai workers, advising that actors, whether or not they are members of Whether or not CINTAA are on the list should drive, along with the 30,000 registered workers.

When CINTAA responded to Salman Khan’s news of donating 1,500 rupees to 25,000 film workers in the second wave of COVID-19, he praised the move but expressed concern and helplessness that no CINTAA member was actually a beneficiary.

This CINTAA stance of being open to its members is a welcome change for the two-day actors, whose plight during this pandemic is worse than that of the film workers. When at home they die of poverty and starvation, and when at work without vaccination and adequate protection or authority they expose themselves to death from a pandemic.

Unfortunately, actors have not been accepted into the various charities on offer, although maximum losses to this fraternity are at maximum risk at all levels, including their insecure livelihoods. This step by CINTAA is therefore of the utmost importance.

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