Revealed in brand new images next week

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Stuart and Rainie are making a decision about their surrogate mother.

Meanwhile, Linda hears from Max and Phil makes a decision about Raymond.

All of this and more in the EastEnders next week.

1. Bernie puts himself in danger?

Bernie tells Tiff that the pills don’t work fast enough and asks her to get stronger ones, but Tiff refuses.

Vi tells Stuart and Rainie that they need a distraction from Abi and encourages them to make a decision about surrogacy.

When Bernie learns that they will make their decision the next day, she asks Tiff for the pills.

Tiff reluctantly gives Bernie the pills.

2. Rainie and Stuart have made a decision

Vi and Rainie join Bernie in their weight loss group.

She believes she lost her chance when she doesn’t lose as much weight as she hoped.

Rainie and Stuart ask Bernie to be their replacement. You are enthusiastic and can do the insemination this week.

Rainie, Stuart, and Bernie go to their insemination appointment and are less pleased than Vi insists on going along.

After that, Rainie gives Bernie her first installment, but it’s less than agreed.

Bernie tells Tiff what happened and she demands that Bernie agree the full amount.

Rainie admits she hired a private investigator to find Max.

Bernie tries to order more pills, which worries Tiffany.

She sees what the money means for the Taylors when she watches Bernie hand over her first installment.

3. Max contacts Linda

On Linda’s birthday, she is surprised to receive a present from Max.

Frankie proposes a party and Linda declines, but Frankie invites Sonia and her father, but not Kathy.

Sonia soon realizes that Frankie is playing Cupid and warns Kathy.

Meanwhile, Mick and Linda agree that telling Rainie that Max sent a present from Croatia is too risky.

When Mick and Linda return home, they are horrified to find that Frankie has thrown two parties at once.

This draws unwanted attention to her pregnancy.

Shirley and Rocky laugh together, but he’s blown away when Kathy arrives.

When Jack arrives, Mick and Linda tell him what they found.

4. Nancy encourages Linda, Shirley, and Frankie to tell the truth

Linda tells Frankie that she is not happy about the surprise party.

Nancy tells her mother that she owes Frankie an apology – she thinks it’s time Shirley and Frankie knew that Max is the baby’s father.

However, Linda refuses to tell them the truth.

5. Rocky interferes in Iqra and Mila’s relationship

Rocky has an idea to bring Mila and Iqra back together. He gathers them in the square after stealing their phones.

What is he planning?

At Kathy’s, Mila explains that she has taken steps to become Kioni’s guardian.

Kathy explains that Iqra preferred to stay and help Mila than see Habiba and the baby.

Mila apologizes to Iqra. They soon agree to move in together.

6. Phil makes a decision about Raymond

In the café, Phil sees Raymond and Denise and invites them to the opening of the taxi company and the laundromat.

Denise is dismissive, however, and leaves Phil angry.

Kat interviews Mitch for a role as a taxi driver and he gets the job.

Later, after he calms down, Phil decides he wants to tell Raymond that he is his father, which leaves Kat stunned.

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