Revealed in brand new images next week

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that a very special guest is coming to the village to open Emmerdale’s first Pride.

Meanwhile, Faith worries about her health and Leyla returns to help Jacob.

All of this and more at Emmerdale next week.

1. Emmerdale’s first pride

The Pride flags flutter in front of the town hall. Emmerdale is ready for Pride thanks to Andrea’s efforts.

Andrea tells Charles that she has booked a special guest to open the event.

Ethan later gives an eloquent speech offering a message of acceptance for all on behalf of Emmerdale Pride and the Church.

2. Enter Vivienne

Soon Ethan Special Guest will welcome The Vivienne on stage.

In all its glitz and glamor, it officially opens Emmerdale’s first Pride.

3. Faith fears for their health

Faith is determined to get Liv back on track.

When Faith falls over, Chas and Cain are convinced that she is drunk, but Faith is scared and avoids facing her worrying symptoms.

Manpreet soon convinces her to take some tests, but Faith knows something is wrong.

Pollard soon realizes something is wrong, but when Faith tries not to talk about her health problems, she breaks down.

Manpreet arranges an urgent MRI for Faith.

Faith confesses to Pollard that she fears her cancer has returned.

Meanwhile, Brenda has no idea what’s going on and confides in David and Meena that she feels neglected by Pollard and arranges a romantic surprise for him.

At the hospital, Faith sends Pollard away and he leaves reluctantly.

The next day, Pollard catches up with Faith and offers her to spend another night in the barn.

Brenda is horrified to find Faith in Pollard’s bathrobe in her house. Angry, she doesn’t want her explanations.

When Chas hits the scene, she tries Faith and leaves before Faith can tell the truth.

Faith asks Pollard to keep it a secret from her family until she knows what’s in store for her.

Pollard feels sorry for her, but tells her that he won’t give up his relationship with Brenda.

He tells Faith that she needs to come in to see Brenda and her family.

4. Meena frames Jacob

Meena is furious that her plan to move in with David still didn’t work out.

Meena soon discovers the Pride jar and takes it, which makes Jacob look like the culprit.

However, their plan goes wrong when David cancels their dinner plans and says Jacob needs him.

When Meena learns of Leanna’s travel plans, she has an idea.

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Meena wonders if she can convince Jacob to travel too.

Meena plans to get Jacob out of the way.

Ben and Aaron start flirting when Ben stops.

He receives a mysterious and unwanted phone call. Who could it be?

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Leyla returns from her honeymoon and is ready to sort things out with Jacob.

She convinces Jacob that Leanna is not responsible for his recent troubles.

Jacob later makes a fool of himself during personal training with Billy.

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