Revealed in brand new images next week

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal that Todd is proposing to Billy.

Meanwhile, Carla demands Izzy return to the factory, and Alya accuses Daisy of liking Ryan.

All of this and more on Coronation Street next week.

1. Todd suggests

Paul finds Summer in Victoria Garden. When Todd tells her she’s avoiding her diabetes appointment, Paul offers to go with her.

Summer thanks Paul for accompanying her and confides in Billy how much she misses having him with her.

Determined to prove how much Summer can trust him, Todd proposes marriage to Billy.

In the Rovers, Paul warns Billy that he will regret marrying Todd.

An ecstatic Billy and Todd announce their engagement.

Summer gives Todd a letter she found on the porch. When he opens it, it says: “Don’t make yourself too comfortable. Your lies will come out. “

Todd assumes the message is from Paul and warns him.

When Billy finds a helpline flyer with an offensive message, Todd says Paul was behind it, and Billy goes out to share it with Paul.

Todd makes his way home and finds a hooded figure who wants to break into the apartment.

Paul meets Ajay on the hotline and asks him about Todd.

2. Returning to expose Todd’s lies?

Later, Will shows up and asks Summer to listen.

Billy and Todd are at Speed ​​Daal when Summer walks in with Will and explains that he broke into the apartment.

Billy forgives Will and offers to help him find accommodation, while Todd tries to get a loan, but fails.

Todd realizes that Will is serious.

3. Carla demands that Izzy return to the factory

Sarah calls Izzy to get some samples and watches a man in the background before Izzy ends the call.

Carla meets up with Jo Lafoe and presents her with Izzy’s samples, but it quickly becomes apparent that they are not up to the standard.

Carla calls Izzy via video and confronts her about her work.

Soon, Carla tells Sarah that it’s time for Izzy to return to the factory.

Carla tells Sarah that the situation with Izzy is unsustainable and if she refuses to come back they have to get rid of her.

Sarah calls Izzy and tells her that she wants her back at the factory.

When Izzy suddenly announces that she wants to resign, Sarah tells Carla.

Sarah assures Izzy that she doesn’t have to worry as the order deadline is flexible.

4. Daisy is moving

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Alya tells Ryan that the bistro is looking for a new trainee for the crèche and he agrees to apply.

Daisy tells him that she knows a way he can make money instead of working in the bistro.

Daisy and Ryan came up with a business proposal that suggested a mobile pub with a DJ that clients could rent and set up in their own backyard.

Daisy and Ryan are planning their promo party at Victoria Garden for Simon’s 18th birthday.

Alya later claims Daisy is into Ryan, but he jumps on Daisy’s defense.

When Ryan announces that Daisy has got him a DJ gig in Salford, Alya confronts Daisy.

Daisy later tells Ryan about the confrontation, and when his performance is canceled, Daisy takes him to the back room of the rover and gives him cocktails.

Alya calls the Rovers to look for Ryan, but Daisy remains silent and lets her loose on Ryan.

5. Tyrone and Alina make an announcement

Fiz tells Tyrone to tell the girls about the baby. She says if he doesn’t tell them she will.

Tyrone and Alina tell Hope and Ruby that they will have a little brother or sister.

How will you react?

6. Gail leaves Weatherfield

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Natasha and Sam call to see Gail with a recovery card.

When Gail tells them that she is going to Thailand the next day and doesn’t know when she will be back, an angry Sam rushes out.

Leanne asks Natasha to reconsider and let Nick be part of Sam’s life, and Natasha finally agrees.

Later, Audrey, Nick, David and Shona wave goodbye to Gail as she leaves.

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