Revealed in brand new images next week (June 14-18)

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Aaron and Ben are going to find Liv.

Meanwhile, Luke struggles to reveal the full truth to Victoria about his fight with Lee, and Leyla gets a shock on the wedding day.

All of this and more at Emmerdale next week.

Emmerdale spoilers: revealed in pictures next week

1. Aaron and Ben go to save Liv

Chas is grateful when Ben offers to accompany Aaron on his mission to save Liv.

Back in the trailer, Liv realizes that something unusual has happened and she drinks to forget it.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Ben try to find the campsite.

After Aaron falters, Ben convinces him not to give up hope and Aaron is grateful.

Eventually, Ben and Aaron arrive at Sandra’s house and find that Liv is having a seizure.

However, they are shocked to learn that this is their second seizure in two days.

Sandra is worried when she realizes how self-destructive Liv’s recent behavior has been.

Liv has to choose who she wants to live with.

However, Liv is stunned when Sandra makes her feelings clear.

What will she say

2. Luke has a hard time telling Victoria the whole truth

Luke wakes up hungover on Wendy’s sofa after trying to erase his confession to Vic.

He is desperate when everything comes back.

Soon, Wendy persuades him to tell Victoria the full story about his fight with Lee.

As they speak, Victoria is confused about Luke’s behavior.

Victoria tells him that if they get a chance, she needs to know everything he’s been hiding from her.

However, Luke can’t bring himself to be completely honest with Vic.

Wendy reluctantly reveals the rest of the story to Victoria. She is completely dejected when she puts the pieces together.

3. Should Luke and Victoria split up?

The effects of Wendy’s honesty left Vic, Luke, and herself devastated.

Will they be able to recover from this?

4. Bernice ruins Liam and Leyla’s wedding?

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Leyla really wants to marry Liam. However, Bernice is determined to prevent the wedding.

Leyla worries that her day is bewitched.

Leyla’s wedding day is coming. But when she finds Bernice in a wedding dress, she is horrified.

Soon Bernice will make one last request to Liam …

5. Meena covers her tracks

Meena covers her tracks with David.

But what is she up to now?

6. Billy rejects Leanna?

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Leanna eventually gets tipsy.

However, she is ashamed when she tries to attack Billy.

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