Revolutionary time for the Indian entertainment industry and actors, says Ajay Singh Chaudhary

Actor Ajay Singh Chaudhary, who was widely recognized for his recent appearance as the villain in Apoorva Lakhia directing “Crackdown,” believes that with the various entertainment media available including television, movies and OTT, it is the prime time for actors and the industry to grow. Ajay says at a time when other entertainment options are available to audiences, including movies and OTT, there is a need to offer viewers better content on television.

“Television is still the biggest medium, so we need to be aware of our audience and take care of them. We have to give them great content and that should be the key. Now is not the time we can offer something to the audience so we need to know their likes and dislikes because now they have a lot of options like OTT and movies. “Ajay currently filming the Randeep Hooda Star web series in Lucknow. Inspector Avinash, ”says.

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The actor, who is known for his work on shows like “Phulwa”, “Uttaran”, is thrilled that the creators are trying out newer topics on the small screen to gauge the audience’s taste. “I’m very happy that people are doing shows with different concepts and that also leads to good performances by actors. I’m happy to be part of such good shows, ”he says.

Ajay believes this is the best time not only for the industry but also for the actors. “With each role, actors have to look different, act differently, they have to show their other side. I am glad that this change is taking place. This is the right time for actors. I also think that we have a lot to do with the upcoming OTT, that television is changing and that there are films too. This is the revolutionary time for Indian cinema, ”he adds.

He went on to say that the TV industry is facing competition because of the OTT platform. “At OTT, a series has 10 to 15 episodes of 30 to 45 to 50 minutes each, while on television there are 100 to 1000 episodes and it is not easy to adjust the level of work and content. Actors also need to have a serious understanding of this business and be honest about the roles, ”he adds.

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When he talks about TRP, he believes that few TV shows are dragged on while there are some that run the longest thanks to the love of the audience. “Seeing a show as a habit is not wrong. To make it interesting, they have to change the plot. I have it, however did some shows that don’t change the story and stick to the story and get TRP and some don’t get TRP, “he adds.

Ajay has been part of the industry for over a decade and feels blessed to be part of the industry which is why he has received immense love from the audience. “Every day I thank God for being in this area where people see your character, see you and be entertained, and shower unconditional love for you. Receiving unconditional love is a blessing, ”he adds.

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