Rhona faces jail on charges of assault?

Emmerdale spoilers for next week show Rhona in an uproar as she gets an appointment for her trial – will she go down on assault?

After last week’s shocking antics, Rhona and Brenda remain arguing, and now the police are involved.

The violent incident tore their blended family apart, and Bob and Marlon don’t know if the rift can ever be healed.

But it looks like Rhona will have to answer for her actions as she will be charged.

Emmerdale spoilers: April is still suffering

If Rhona is imprisoned, Marlon will become a single father (Image credit: ITV)

The atmosphere at Marlon’s and Rhona’s house is incredibly tense, and April is still a little over what Cathy did.

She can’t believe a member of her own family can be so cruel, and Marlon worries about what this has done to his little girl.

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Meanwhile, Bob feels terrible about Cathy’s behavior and how bad his parents have been over the past few years.

He feels responsible for her falling apart and worries that the Brenda / Rhona fallout could have irreparable consequences.

When he goes to Marlon for news on how April is doing, Bob comes across a stony response from the embittered cook.

He leaves no doubt that her family ties have been severed.

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marlon and rhona
Can the concerned couple find a way through there? (Photo credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Rhona knows she is in big trouble when news reaches her from the authorities.

She’s got a trial, which means Brenda didn’t drop the assault charges.

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While Rhona knows she was wrong in her fight, she believes Brenda should be partly to blame.

If Rhona is found guilty of assault, she faces prison sentence behind bars and away from her children Leo and April.

Is there any way I can get Brenda to withdraw?

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