Richard Madeley amazes the audience with “creepy” looks

That morning viewers were stunned after Richard Madeley couldn’t stop staring at his wife Judy Finnigan on the ITV show.

The couple who previously hosted the day’s program returned to sponsor their book club’s winner.

But while most viewers were delighted to see the couple, others quickly pointed out a strange habit on Richard’s part.

Richard Madeley couldn’t take his eyes off Judy Finnigan that morning (Image credit: ITV)

This morning: How did the audience react to Richard Madeley?

According to some, the 64-year-old host couldn’t stop looking at his wife during the segment.

Twitter wrote: “Richard has a strange way of staring at Judy when she speaks #ThisMorning.”

Richard stops staring at Judy, it’s creepy.

A second shared, “Richard stops staring at Judy, it’s scary. #This morning.”

In addition, a third said: “Just me who thinks it is a bit strange the way Richard looks at Judy when she is chatting?”

The couple appeared on the ITV show today (Credit: ITV)

A fourth complained, “The way Richard stares at you makes me uneasy #ThisMorning.”

However, others found it very cute that TV presenter Richard is clearly still obsessed with his beautiful wife.

“Awww Richard and Judy,” cooed one with three red heart emojis.

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What did Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan say?

During the chat, the couple discussed receiving their first COVID vaccination.

In conversation with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, the two showed that they couldn’t be happier.

Richard has been dubbed “creepy” by viewers (Photo credit: ITV)

Richard said, “Well it’s a tonic for the spirits, unless you have a problem with the vaccination – which you shouldn’t have. In our part of North West London, they’re ahead of the curb. “

Judy, 72, added, “It makes you want to go out more.”

What happened this morning this morning?

Meanwhile, Ruth delighted viewers on today’s show when she showed her dance moves live on the air.

The 60-year-old broadcaster surprised everyone when she spoke to her ITV colleagues at Loose Women.

When the panel broke into the dance during the disco music, they encouraged Ruth to do the same.

And without hesitation, she started boogie.

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Commenting on the moment, one fan said, “Ruth Langsford’s dancing has to be the TV moment of the year. #This morning.”

In addition, a second announced: “Ruth is dancing. I don’t know if I am totally ashamed of her or if I love it. “

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