Richard Madeley criticizes for saying “out of contact”

Richard Madeley angered viewers on Good Morning Britain today (October 13th).

The presenter and co-presenter Susanna Reid will be back in the ITV program for a whole month.

During a debate with Oliver Dowden, the group continued to discuss whether the public should continue to work from home.

Richard Madeley upset Good Morning Britain viewers today (Image: ITV)

Richard Madeley causes a stir on Good Morning Britain

It comes after Boris Johnson encouraged workers to “get back to work”.

Conservative party leader Oliver shares this view.

On GMB, he said, “I’m not saying for a moment that people have to be chained to their desks 24/7.

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“What I am saying is that it is good for civil servants to be in the office. Of course it can work flexibly, I am not criticizing the incredible contributions.

“I’ve seen this in my time at DCMS, how hard they work in unprecedented times, but now it’s time to get back to the office and I think this is the direction we’re going.”

Richard agreed with Oliver and replied, “Please keep cracking your whip because you have to go back to your desk. That’s a common view of the country. “

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Meanwhile, Susanna seemed to disagree with the couple.

She added, “I would also say if people can work hard at home and do the job, it’s a slightly sneering attitude, Oliver Dowden, when you said you know they are all on their peloton bikes.

“I mean, along with everything else, keeping yourself fit and healthy isn’t a bad idea, is it?”

How did the GMB viewers react to Richard?

However, Richard’s remark struck a nerve with some of the viewers at home.

GMB fans flocked to social media to criticize the “out of touch” comment.

One Twitter, one complained: “The absolute audacity of Richard who says they must keep cracking the whip as if the officials weren’t the ones who actually run this country. Who cares if they do this from home or from the office? Privileged idiot #GMB. “

Another said, “Madeley on #GMB says the private sector employees are all back in the office, so why isn’t the government ‘hiring’ civil servants? -Show delays due to WFH. WTF ?? Most private companies I know have adopted flexible / WFH. “

A third shared, “Richard Madeley said they had to crack the whip and send officers back to the office … I’m sorry, but I think you will find that we have helped and made sure people during this pandemic get paid from home while at work. I’m racing. #GMB. “

In addition, a fourth wrote: “Richard Madeley, who suggests that everyone go ‘back to their desks,’ suggests to me that he does not understand how much more work is done at home than in the office.”

Many people are more productive at home!

A fifth added, “Who is Richard Madeley who says people shouldn’t work from home anymore? Many people are more productive at home! “

However, Richard was agreed.

They claimed, “The officers are not. They keep claiming that they cannot access certain systems from home due to security or privacy regulations. As a taxpayer who pays his wages, isn’t it too much to expect that he will be back in office? “

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