Richard Madeley under fire as a guest storms

Good Morning Britain was quite buoyant today (September 22nd) when Richard Madeley had a fight with Insulate Britain’s guest Liam Norton.

And the controversy over the M25 blockades became so intense that Norton “piers” and stormed off the set of the breakfast newscast.

While the audience generally agreed with Richard’s views, they were concerned about how he conveyed them.

Some accused him of turning GMB into a “Jeremy Kyle Show Skit” when he yelled at the guest and laughed as he stormed off.

Richard Madeley quarreled with a guest on Good Morning Britain today (Photo credit: ITV)

What happened to Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain today?

It was a tense show, I have to say that.

Things didn’t start well when Susanna Reid accused Norton of “patronizing” her.

Richard came in to ask Norton what he would say to the woman’s son who had a debilitating stroke while stuck in her block for six hours and unable to get to the hospital.

And from then on things escalated quickly.

“You don’t accept responsibility for your actions,” slammed Richard.

“Your argumentation is fatal, it has fatal consequences,” he added in a raised voice and became more and more red.

Richard Madeley Good Morning Great Britain
Liam Norton got angrier and angrier during the interview (Credit: ITV)

How did Liam Norton react?

The comment didn’t go well with Norton, who sparked an angry tirade.

“We have been writing letters for 30 years. We have been writing petitions for 30 years.

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“We have been pleading with our government for 30 years and we say this to the government: This is our line in the sand.

“We demand that the government make a meaningful statement to save the future of this country, and if they refuse to do so, they can put us in jail.”

Richard Madeley Good Morning Great Britain
Then he walked off the set when Richard quipped he was doing a piers (Image credit: ITV)

What happened when he stormed off?

He got up from his chair and shouted, “I’ve had enough of talking to the people in this country about what we’re doing.”

He added, “That is how it is,” before storming off.

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Richard laughed as Norton left and declared, “You’re making a piers!”

Of course, Piers Morgan left the show after walking away with weatherman Alex Beresford during an argument over Meghan Markle.

Susanna GMB
Richard and Susanna looked stunned after Norton left (Image credit: ITV)

How did the Good Morning Britain viewers react?

Richard has been targeted by the majority of GMB viewers, it has to be said.

Some compared his swear words to something seen on the Jeremy Kyle Show and said they were “sorry” for the climate activist.

Richard Madeley has spun #GMB into a Jeremy Kyle show sketch, ”said one.

“Horrific ‘interview’ by Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid with the climate change protester,” they added.>

“So true!!” another viewer agreed.

“GMB proved this morning that it is not a serious news station – Madeley’s interview with the isolation protester was appalling,” said another.

“That wasn’t a serious interview, just bait-biting shit on TV,” they added.

“The irony is that when Jeremy Kyle did a brief stint at GMB, he was quite reluctant – not at all like his chat show personality,” commented another.

“I think he did a pretty good job as a presenter and I would rather see him there than Richard Madeley any day.”

Others said they regret Norton, although they disagree with the way they convey their point of view.

“I’m starting to feel sorry for this climate change guy. So awkward, ”they said.

“Disagree at all with the way they convey their point of view, but he doesn’t look in here to explain why they are doing it,” they added.

Another chastised Richard for laughing at Norton.

“As for Richard laugh at him … come on man, “they said.

“Richard Madeley and his ridiculous laughter … should be ashamed of how he behaved with this protester, ”said another.

“More Monty Python than talk show.”

Good Morning Britain fans explain: Richard Madeley is a “hero”

Others, however, were on Richard’s side.

“Liam Norton is an absolute one [bleep]”Said one. “An arrogant one [bleep] who has no interest in the life he disturbs. “

“The climate change protester is a clown, everyone who closes the autobahn is a clown. End of conversation, ”said another.

A third added: “Richard Madeley is an absolute HERO for tearing this fool apart, for inflicting a life-changing stroke on a woman, for getting stuck in traffic because of the protest! “

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