Rithvik Dhanjani is enthusiastic about his Cartel web series

By Jyothi Venkatesh

OTT is the place to be, and there are very few stars who have made an indelible mark on each other on all platforms. Rithvik Dhanjani is definitely one of the most notable among them. His web series Cartel is one of the most anticipated series and it is available today. The series appeared on old Balaji. It’s one of the five most anticipated series of all time in India and the preparation for its release has been nothing short of sensational as the hashtag #WhoaretheAngres is always on trend. Rithvik plays a brother in the Angre family, and the story unfolds when greed for wealth and power prevails and how to protect or endanger them. Rithvik is full of excitement and he wants us all to see for ourselves this weekend.

Rithvik says, “I’m excited about the series’ release. A huge thank you to Ekta Kapoor and the entire Balaji team. This is what they have worked tirelessly for the longest. The cast was great and so was the crew. I could easily say we had the time of our lives. We bonded like family even outside of the sets. It’s a series about the power struggle inside and outside the family. We are three brothers who are in the firing line in the power struggle. The story unfolds in a very interesting way and I can’t wait to get great audience feedback. ”

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