Rithvik Dhanjani, Tanuj Virwani & Monica Dogra celebrate their true #artel!

We all have a few people we can rely on – whenever and wherever. You may not be blood, but do you remember the wise old saying, “Friends are the family we choose”? Well it is true. And the actors Rithvik Dhanjani, Tanuj Virwani & Monica Dogra also agree! In today’s world with all the drama, stress, and pressure of being quick, being cool, and staying productive, it is our friends who help us get through. In recognition of the importance of these close and dear people, the three actors accepted the Who is Your Cartel Challenge and gave us a glimpse into their true clique aka Cartel!

See who Rithvik Dhanjani considers part of his real cartel. He posted on his social media and said: “Working on the #Kartel taught me a lot about going to the end of the world for loved ones. And the ones I would exceed are my real cartel, my gang, my main thing @arryamanseth @surbhijyoti @sumitsuri @sehban_azim @karanwahi @barmecharajat @pryanca_t are my eternal “#kartell”, if I may say so. Friends are a family you choose and I am blessed to call them family. They love me for who I am and having them in my life strengthens me.


Tanuj Virwani soon joined the challenge, writing: “Friends are a family that one is blessed with on one’s journey through life. These are just SOME of the people who have changed my life and who have gone through thick and thin with and for me. No jealousy, no malice, just love support and loyalty. You are my real #cartel. So this is where they are celebrated. @soniakhilnani @aninathani @ barkhasingh0308 @caseysanker @praticheemohapatra @siddhantchaturvedi @ madhurimaroy.12 @ mal.practices @avimittalofficial @sanayapithawalla @mishka_chabria @vedikabhandari @ varun2811 @aftabshivadasani


Monica Dogra also quickly accepted the challenge and wrote: “Who is your #kartel ????? @shibanidandekar was my rock in everything. She is my favorite dance floor and fitness partner, the only person I need in my # cartel. I can be sure that she will always show up for me. She’s such a softie, but she has a sharp tongue and a heart of gold. We even share a playlist called Shibonica! We run deep. ”


Who is your cartel? Go ahead and tell them in their comment section!

Cartel is a story of vengeance and power that runs in the family at its heart. Set in what is now Mumbai, the show follows 5 gangs who set out to become the most powerful ruler of this city. The most influential of them, the Angre family, suddenly falls into a crisis when the head of the family, Rani Maai, is shot dead. As cracks form within the family and they try to rule as cartel chief in their place, their three sons – Abhay, Major Bhau and Madhu Bhau (essayed by Rithvik Dhanjani, Tanuj Virwani and Jitendra Joshi respectively) seek revenge for them the attack and the other 4 gang leaders also decide to play for power and own the city of Mumbai.

With an outstanding cast including Supriya Pathak, Rithvik Dhanjani, Tanuj Virwani, Jitendra Joshi, Monica Dogra and Samir Soni, this series takes you on an exciting journey through crime, drama and sin.

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