Rohit Bose Roy talks about the complexities of playing an ambitious and power hungry lawyer in Sanak – Ek Junoon

Each of us has ambitions that drive our hunger for recognition, power, and money. But how ambitious is too ambitious? Rohit Bose Roy, who plays a junior lawyer in the upcoming relationship drama Sanak – Ek Junoon, gives us real insight into how power jobs really increase people’s hunger for success.

Sanak – Ek Junoon is the story of an ambitious small-town couple, Ajay (Rohit Bose Roy) and Ragini (Aindrita Ray), who move to Mumbai in hopes of an upscale lifestyle. Ajay, a young lawyer, is offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from his boss Shekhawat (Pawan Chopra), but in return he has to compromise on his values ​​and part with what is dear to him.

Rohit Bose Roy said: “I believe that by benchmarking and working towards a goal we can make our lives better, but if you thirst for power and recognition there is always going to be a lot at stake and how far you would go to achieve that success , depends on your personal willpower. I would say. Personally, I am driven, but not hungry for performance. During my preparation for the character, I found that every lawyer has a personal style of presentation to intrigue the judge, so they rehearse like actors too. My character is a pretty motivated young lawyer who wants to reach the top. The higher you move up the corporate ladder, the more power you have. This power was offered to Ajay at the expense of his morals, and he decides to step down this slippery slope. I think once a person is successful it is an intoxicating addiction that can make you feel even hungrier afterwards and sometimes not know where to draw the line. “

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Directed by Krishna Bhatt, this series has a talented star cast, including Rushad Rana, Rishi Deshpande, Antara Banerjee, Amaara Sangam, Tasneem Ali and Harpreet Jatail in key roles. Will Ajay and Ragini’s loving relationship stand the test of strength in such an immense drama in their professional and private lives? To find out more, stream all episodes of this series (available in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali) for free from April 16NS October, only on MX Player.