Rowan Atkinson: Corrie helped make Mr Bean a hit

Happy Birthday Mr Bean is about to watch star Rowan Atkinson reveal how Coronation Street helped make his sitcom a huge hit.

The program, in which the Blackadder actor starred as the title character, began in January 1990.

As luck would have it, the pilot landed in a first-class slot – and was broadcast shortly after the popular soap.

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Rowan and program co-creator Richard Curtis explain how timing gave the new comedy a nice boost in today’s ITV documentary about the show.

Happy Birthday Mr Bean is a look back at 30 years of hit character and his various shows (ITV)

ITV aired the pilot for Mr Bean on New Years Day 1990 at 8 p.m.

Commenting on Happy Birthday Mr. Bean, Rowan says, “ITV was looking for a half-hour show to fill that one void in the schedule, and ours was the only one that seemed to be about it.”

“It was really just a coincidence that it was shown for the first time at 8am, just after Coronation Street. [Producers put it] in this first class place. “

Curtis said, “When it was presented to the British public, it was so mainstream that it never occurred to people that what they were seeing was some unique genius from an irreplaceable comedian.”

Who was in the cast of Mr Bean?

The TV series aired from 1990 to 1995 and was a hit with viewers.

Mr Bean was the main character and there was also his girlfriend Irma Gobb (Matilda Ziegler) and of course Mr Bean’s teddy bear.

There have been a number of guest stars over the years including Richard Briers, Angus Deayton and Caroline Quentin.

Happy Birthday Mr Bean (ITV)
Rowan Atkinson discusses the Mr Bean pilot in today’s Happy Birthday Mr Bean (ITV)

Roger Lloyd-Pack and Stephen Frost were also the ones who filmed side appearances on the sitcom over the years.

The series spawned spin-offs. These include as Mr Bean: The Animated Series, in which Rowan repeated his role, and the films Bean and Mr Bean’s Holiday.

What else was Rowan Atkinson in?

Rowan also played in Blackadder. Similarly, he has appeared on shows such as Not The Nine O’Clock News and The Thin Blue Line.

He’s a big screen veteran. Rowan starred in the English Johnny films Four Weddings And A Funeral and Love Actually.

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Rowan, 66, was even in a James Bond movie.

He played the character Small-Fawcett alongside Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again from 1983.

– Happy Birthday Mr Bean will air on ITV tonight (Sunday 10 January) at 8 p.m.

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