Roy Grace’s wife? What happened to her in Grace on ITV1?

John Simm plays the unorthodox detective in ITV1’s brand new crime drama Grace, which started this weekend – but what happened to Roy Grace’s wife?

Is she dead? Or did she leave him without a trace?

Here is everything you need to know!

*** Warning: Possible spoilers from the first Grace episode ***

John Simm as DS Roy Grace and Richie Campbell as DS Branson in Grace (Image Credit: ITV1)

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Roy Grace’s wife: what happened to her?

The first film, titled Dead Simple, aired at 8 p.m. on Sunday evening (March 14, 2021) on ITV1 and took over the McDonald & Dodds slot.

It introduced us to Roy, who has been mourning his missing wife for more than 10 years.

It’s the only case he can’t crack.

In the second film, Looking Good Dead, which will air later that year, DS Grace is investigating when the body of a young woman is found slaughtered in Brighton.

He can’t help but think about his missing wife and her unsolved fate …

What happened to Sandy Grace? Is she dead or has she left him?

Is Roy Grace’s Wife Dead?

We know that Sandy Grace mysteriously disappeared more than 10 years ago.

Despite Roy’s attempts to find out the truth, he is no closer to finding out what happened to her.

A body was never found and there is no evidence of a crime.

During the first film, Dead Simple, Roy tells his date that he is “separated”.

However, he admits that “there is a ghost in my house”.

He says, “Sandy is back in my dreams.”

Could Sandy have been taken by someone with a grudge against Roy?

Grace kicked off with her first film, Dead Simple, based on the Peter James book of the same name (Image Credit: ITV1).  PICTURED: JOHN SIMM as DS Roy Grace, RICHIE CAMPBELL as DS Branson LAURA ELPHINSTONE as DS Moy, AMAKA OKAFOR as DC Boutwood and BRAD MORRISON as DC Nicholl.  This image is subject to the copyright of ITV and may only be used in direct connection with the Grace series 1.2021.
Grace started her first film, Dead Simple, based on the Peter James book of the same name (Credit: ITV1).

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Did Roy Grace’s wife leave him?

In one scene, John Simm’s character explains the events that led to his wife’s disappearance.

He says, “It was my 40th birthday.

“She went to work and never came home.

“No signs, no warning, no notice, nothing – just thin air.”

He continues: “Hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks. One year turned into two.

“Then one day you wake up to find that you’ve been holding your breath for six years.

“I’ve tried everything.”

He later adds, “Sandy left me because I wasn’t enough, I kind of let her down.

“I wasn’t there enough, I didn’t love her enough.

“I think she’s alive, I hope she’s happy.”

Grace Movie One: Dead Simple – What Happened?

Writer Russell Lewis describes the first film as “the story that opens the eyelashes”.

He says, “It’s a seemingly straightforward missing person investigation that turns into an area flooded with nightmare fuel.

“Peter is taking his readers on an exhilarating ride, and hopefully we’ve managed to capture some of that runaway roller coaster feeling.”

The first features Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, played by John Simm.

He is a hard working cop who has dedicated his life to the job.

He doesn’t play things according to the book and isn’t afraid of pushing boundaries – something that often gets him into trouble.

Roy is struck by the disappearance of his wife Sandy when Detective Sergeant Glenn Branson asks him for help with a case …

A successful developer with everything he can live for will be missed in his bachelorette party.

But it’s much more than a prank that went wrong as we soon find out that those closest to him planned to murder him.

Richie Campbell takes on the role of DS Glenn Branson, while Rakie Ayola portrays ACC Vosper.

Grace Dead Simple
John Simm as DS Roy Grace, but where is Roy Grace’s wife Sandy? (Photo credit: ITV1)

Where is the drama filmed?

Grace was filmed on location in Brighton.

The cast and crew filmed entirely in and around the coastal town of East Sussex in late summer and early fall 2020.

As screenwriter Russell Lewis told us, “What attracted me to Peter James’ noir by the sea was its darkness and the cool, unsentimental realism of his meticulously researched police process.”

If you missed the first Grace film, Dead Simple, it is currently available to watch on the ITV Hub. The second film, Looking Good Dead, will air on ITV1 later that year.

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