Ruth Langsford attacked Instagram after visiting her mother at the nursing home

Ruth Langsford was viciously trolled on Instagram after posting a picture of herself visiting beautiful mother Joan at her nursing home.

The Loose Women’s favorite posted a boomerang video of her mom waving at the camera.

Ruth can be seen in the shot with a face mask.

She has given it a title: “Have a nice Friday from me & mom! Tea, chat and do the crossword puzzle together. “

Ruth Langsford has been attacked by cruel trolls on Instagram (Image credit: ITV)

Ruth Langsford on Instagram: Fans rush in their defense

Many of Ruth’s fans quickly went into the comment section to rave about how lovely the post was.

Some even commented that Joan was lucky enough to have a daughter like Ruth who clearly cares about her so much.

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However, a hideous troll viciously attacked the presenter.

When they indicated that Ruth had not visited her mother today (April 23), they said: “The same picture from another time.”

However, it got a lot worse.

Ruth Langsford and her mother
Joan is in a nursing home and now that she can Ruth visits her regularly (Credit: YouTube)

“You should have your mother with you”

They added, “I think you should have your mother with you instead of in a nursing home.”

Surprisingly, another of Ruth’s followers admitted, “I agree.”

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The original troll continued to scold, “Sorry, isn’t it, your mother wouldn’t throw them away.”

It is so easy to criticize when you are not in that position or know the circumstances. Think before you speak.

When one of Ruth’s fans insisted that her mother at the nursing home would enjoy mingling with people her age, they replied that the idea was “rubbish”.

“Your mother would like to be with her daughter – it’s just a shame the daughter is not a good one.

“I think we all know the circumstances here – Ruth is selfish. She has to come first. “

Ruth’s fans gather in her defense

The comments were slammed by Ruth’s die-hard fans.

One told the troll, “I think you should mind your own business – could be mom’s choice!”

“If Ruth works, she will have a lot of company. Where it is is none of our business! Ruth’s mother looks happy and content! “

Another added: “Maybe her mother doesn’t want to live with her and likes company at her age?”

A third said, “It is so easy to criticize when you are not in that position or when you know the circumstances. Think before you speak.”

Others said they hoped that at their age they would be looked after as well as Joan.

“I really hope that my daughter will take care of it, love me and be there for me as you are for your mother Ruth. What a nice connection, ”said one.

“You can say that you have a big smile under that mask. It’s so heartwarming to see you two together, “said another.

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