Ryan to cheat on Alya for connecting with Daisy?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week show Ryan and Daisy are getting closer, but will he end up cheating on Alya?

Ryan and Alya have been in a relationship for two years, but could their relationship be in jeopardy since he befriends Daisy?

In next week’s scenes, Jenny is excited when she goes into town to get the pub mortgage sorted.

Emma refuses to work until Sean is hired again (Image: ITV)

Meanwhile, Daisy tries to hide her panic. She repeats the roster and gives herself all of Sean’s shifts, but Emma points out that if Sean is gone, so will the stew recipe.

Daisy tries to downplay it while Emma claims she won’t lift a finger until Sean is reinstated.

Jenny is later horrified when she reads the Double Glammy article in the Gazette. When she learns that Daisy has taken Sean off his shifts and Emma has left, she is furious and reinstates Sean.

Daisy is humiliated, especially when Jenny reveals that she has checked her finances and will buy the pub herself.

Jenny’s mad at Daisy (Image: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Alya reveals that the bank has agreed to repossess the community center so Yasmeen can pay off all of her debts.

Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan turns to Daisy

Later, Ryan is fed up when he suggests a night to Alya, but she tells him she has to work.

Alya soon reminds Ryan that they will have their own apartment and that he needs to find more work.

Daisy urges Ryan to restart his DJ career (Image: ITV)

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He goes into the pub dejected and Daisy tries to cheer him up.

When Ryan reveals he’s a DJ, Daisy urges him to restart his career and follow his heart.

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