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Rylan Clark ‘tried to end his life’ after cheating on his husband

Rylan Clark ‘tried to end his life’ after cheating on his husband

Rylan Clark has made a heartbreaking confession about his relationship with ex-husband, Dan Neal.

The This Morning star has revealed that he was “unfaithful” to his ex-husband years ago.

However, he didn’t tell his then-husband about his infidelity until years later, in May 2021.

As a result, Dan chose to walk away from their six-year marriage.

Rylan Clark and his ex-husband Dan Neal were known to This Morning viewers (Credit: ITV)

TV’s Rylan Clark admits cheating on husband

In his new book Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future, Rylan writes: “I woke up one morning and decided to tell my now ex that I had cheated on him, years ago.

“I’m not sure why it was that time or that day I had to do it. But I did. He left. Told me it was over and that was that.”

I won’t go into detail as I don’t think it’s fair on my mum, but thank God I was unsuccessful.

Rylan went on to share that his world quickly began to crumble around him.

As a result, he fell into a deep depression that left him feeling like there was no end in sight.

Rylan on his decision to try and end his life

The ITV star said he soon decided to try and end his own life.

“What’s the point? I thought. I’d lost what I thought was everything, the one thing I always wanted. A man I loved. A family of my own. And now it was gone.

“So I tried to end it. I won’t go into detail as I don’t think it’s fair on my mum, but thank God I was unsuccessful.”

Opening up about his decision to cheat on his ex, Rylan admitted that he had “no excuse” for his behaviour.

“I have no excuses for what I did way back then, but I had my reasons,” he explained.

“The reality is that over the course of my relationship I had started to feel wrong: I felt I was wrong for being successful, wrong for being me. Everyone around me could see things weren’t quite right.”

Rylan’s health struggles

Meanwhile, it appears Rylan’s struggles are sadly far from over.

He opened up earlier this year about his life-threatening health struggles.

During a talk at London’s Royal Festival Hall, he said: “Twice last year I ended up in the back of an ambulance because my heart failed.

“I just remember the shot going in and all of a sudden this feeling from the middle of your body, both ways, almost takes you over, and you just stop and my heart stopped.

“I knew it wasn’t right. It turned out that my heart had to be restarted. I remember laying in resus and I had all these pads on with all these wires and not understanding what it was.

The TV star added: “You don’t even think about it when you’re there. So I didn’t just get mentally ill, I got physically ill.”

Rylan and his ex-husband Dan ended up splitting for good in June 2021.

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