Sahira attacks Henrik when he reports abuse

Holby City spoilers reveal that Sahira attacks Henrik Hassen when he reports Reyhan’s abuse to the police.

A few weeks ago, Sahira’s father Reyhan was brought to Holby and it was revealed that he was teaching Henrik at boarding school from a young age.

However, it soon became clear that Henrik was uncomfortable with Reyhan there, and it turned out that the teacher had molested Henrik as a child.

Reyhan abused Henrik (Image credit: BBC)

Sahira later told Hassen that a young boy had made allegations against him at the school Reyhan teaches.

While Sahira did not believe the allegations, Henrik eventually told her that he was molested by her father as a child.

Holby City Spoiler: Sahira attacks Henrik

In today’s scenes (Tuesday April 6th) Hassen is compromised and the truth about Reihan’s abuse is now known.

Sahira refuses to believe what she is hearing and insists that her father is innocent. Soon Sahira decides to leave Holby entirely.

Henrik reports abuse to police (Credit: BBC)

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Henrik later urges Sahira to ask her son Abs if Reyhan has ever been inappropriate with him. But she knocks out and angrily hits him.

Henrik later boldly explains the extent of Reihan’s abuse before reporting it to the police.

But how will Sahira react?

Max’s mother arrives in Holby

Meanwhile, Max is shocked when her mother Sanya is taken to the emergency room. Another problem, however, is waiting for her to have difficulty accepting grandson Louis’ transition.

After Sanya was upset after meeting Louis, Max explains that there is a way to make it up to him as he has to borrow money.

Sanya agrees. But when Louis hears the unacceptable terms of the loan, he knows he cannot accept it.

Max’s mother arrives at the hospital (Image credit: BBC)

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Later, Max is upset when Sanya’s condition worsens. She needs emergency surgery.

Ange explains to Max that Sanya was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months ago and that there is something else they need to know.

Max later explains to Louis that Sanya tested positive for the BRCA1 mutation gene, which means they need to be tested too.

Holby City will air on BBC One at 8:20 p.m. tonight.

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