Salim Diwan: “My father always lives in me”

Bollywood Diaries actor Salim Diwan recently celebrated the first anniversary of the death of his father Dr. Salaudeen Chopdar and says that he will always be alive in him. A stamp was issued in his name on the first anniversary of his father’s death. “I just feel blessed to have a father like him who raised me well and made me a successful man, able to do little things that he would have been proud of. I just want him to stay alive with us all the time, take care of my back and be my strength, ”said Salim.

Jhunjhunu also has a multi-specialty hospital and research center on his father’s behalf. “We have a good team in our foundation members who are committed to the good of society. The Dr. Salaudeen Chopdar Foundation has done its best in the Corona period and the government of Rajasthan was rewarded on August 15th, “he said.

About his relationship with his father, Salim said: “He taught me the meaning of life, the value of people and time. For me he was more of a teacher than a father who always taught me one thing or the other that helped me become a successful man. He was a very loving and caring father to me and was always a guide to choose the right path. ”“ He always taught me to deal with the ups and downs in life, the power of responsibility, the gentleness towards everyone. There are tons of things I’ve learned from him. He was really a role model for me, ”he added.

His father always wanted him to be happy. “He never told me that acting wasn’t what I should be doing. He was always by my side and supported me in my decisions, he also guided me where I can step up and step down, ”said the actor Aliya Basu Gayab Hai. “My father always lives in me. I will always owe him for all the insights he gave me, ”he added.

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