Sally Dexter implies that Faith and Eric’s story isn’t over yet

Emmerdale actress Sally Dexter has hinted that Faith and Eric’s story isn’t over when she walks back to the village.

In the next week’s scenes, Moira is shocked to meet her mother-in-law, Faith.

Soon Faith comes back to the village to see if her son Cain can ever forgive her for her past actions.

Faith is back (Photo credit: ITV)

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While Cain isn’t happy to see his mother, his sister Chas Faith admits that she missed her.

Soon the siblings argue about whether they can stay and decide that there is only one thing – a Dingle square.

During her time in the village previously, Faith also had a relationship with Eric Pollard. However, things went south between them after he discovered she had cheated on him with Bear Wolf.

Faith cheated on Eric with Bear (Credit: ITV)

Since Eric broke up with Faith, he’s returned with Brenda Walker. But how will you react to Faith’s return?

When Sally talked about what’s coming for Faith, Eric, and Brenda, she revealed that some beautiful scenes were emerging between Faith and Brenda.

Emmerdale: Sally Dexter talks about Faith, Eric and Brenda

When asked how Faith will feel when she sees Pollard and Brenda get back together, Sally joked to Entertainment Daily and other media outlets, “I don’t think she’s going to be too happy about that. What is he thinking? “

She continued, laughing, “There are some nice little scenes with Brenda and Faith. I’m not exactly sure where this is going right now. “

Eric and Brenda are now together (Credit: ITV)

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When she talked about Eric, she said, “I think she’s pretty surprised at how excited she is about him. I mean who knows what’s going to happen between Eric and Faith?

“I don’t think this story is completely over. It’s a bit of a point point point going on. Surely another fireworks display between them. “

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