Sam from Married At First Sight Australia says producers staged Ines’ affair

Sam from Married At First Sight Australia has claimed producers on the popular reality TV show orchestrated his affair with Ines.

Sam reached out to his social media followers, warning British fans of the show that he would “ruin” it for them, claiming the show’s producers “staged” his and Ines’ scenes.

Sam claimed that the producers “set up” much of what viewers saw (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Married At First Sight star Sam say?

Talking about his Instagram stories as the show continues to add new fans in the UK, Sam Ball said, “I’m going to ruin it for you. So the experts don’t choose the couples, the producers. [Show bosses] have a list of people they need to find, find and reach out to on Instagram.

“They pulled me into a dark room, a black room, and asked me to do the Ines scenes, they set that up. You made Ines DM to me on the phone, everything was staged.

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“I did what I was asked to, and I didn’t care what it looked like then. I was in the zone. I’ve starred in TV commercials before … it was a job for me. “

The show hooked Ines with Bronson (Credit: Channel 4)

When he continued speaking, he said that “he was paid to do this [be on the show] just like everyone else “.

He went on to say that he hadn’t slept with Ines or anyone else on the program.

Elsewhere, Sam claimed the producers moved him to a different hotel from the other members of the cast. He said this was part of the reason he left, telling his Instagram followers he was “done with being kept away from everyone else”.

ED! has asked Channel 4 for a comment.

Sam made the claims on his Instagram account (Image credit: Sam Ball / Instagram)

What happened to Sam and Ines?

The show paired Ines with Bronson and Sam with Elizabeth.

Both couples struggled to get off to a good start, and Sam and Ines grew closer behind their partners’ backs.

He insisted he never slept with Ines or anyone else on the program (Credit: Channel 4)

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It later showed them that they were sharing a bed without the other participants knowing, even though the rumor mill went into operation and Elizabeth eventually confronted Ines about it.

Viewers then mocked Innes, who came across as a series villain, when Sam threw back her romance hopes and left the program.

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