Sandeep Mohan’s highly anticipated contemporary drama “Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy” is preparing for a theatrical release

After Sandeep Mohan pampers audiences with captivating films like Hola Venky, Shreelancer and Love, Wrinkle-free, he’s ready to release another marquee movie called Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy. A roller coaster ride exploring the nuances of an urban relationship with Karanveer Khullar, Gillian Pinto, Khushboo Upadhyay, Salmin Sheriff and Vipin Heero. The film is preparing for a theatrical release on April 17. beforeNS September 2021 in selected multiplexes in all cities.

The film is ready to begin its pan-India journey beginning with a screening in Chandigarh on September 17th in Cinepolis, followed by further screenings in Cinepolis, New Delhi on September 18th.NS September, in Calcutta on 24NS September at Cinepolis, Acropolis Mall, in Bangalore at Cinepolis on 25NS September. A number of screenings are also planned in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Jaipur, Ambala, Jalandhar, Surat and other cities.

The film has background music by Vivek Philip and includes songs by Kunal Kundu, Andrew Sloman and Vipin Heero, among others. The character-oriented film is being produced by Giju John and Sandeep Mohan together with associate producers Francis Varghese and Abhilash Nanda.

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