Sausage is Sheridan Smith, say convinced viewers

Masked Singer fans believe that they have finally cracked the identity of the sausage costume celebrity – and they say it’s NOT Stacey Solomon.

Many viewers firmly believed that the 31-year-old Loose Women star, Stacey, was the mysterious pop singer dressed in the hilarious clothes.

But opinion on social media seems to have changed massively, and now Sheridan Smith, 39, Two Pints ​​of Lager and a Packet of Crisps star, is the front runner.

Wurst gave a great performance on last night’s Masked Singer (Credit: ITV)

What did Sausage sing on The Masked Singer last night?

Just yesterday we reported that fans of the show were sure Stacey was sausage.

It did so after ITV ran an ad for The Masked Singer, which was accompanied by Ting Tings’ song That’s Not My Name.

At the exact same time that Sausage appeared on the clip, the words “They call me Stacey” were heard.

However, a large contingent of viewers changed their minds after last night’s show.

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Sausage destroyed the house last night with an epic rendition of the Gloria Gaynor song I Will Survive.

And the character survived – he made it through to the semifinals next weekend.

Viewers don’t believe Stacey is behind the mask (Image credit:

What did the Masked Singer viewers say on Twitter?

However, viewers seemed more interested in a clip of some of the theatrical masks that were shown ahead of the performance.

For many, that was a huge indication that Sausage is indeed the West End singer Sheridan, who won a BAFTA award in 2013.

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One person tweeted, “Maybe more inclined Sheridan Blacksmith Now because the mask reference could be the baftas price because i think the price is like a face (mask). “

Another said, “It is Sheridan S.mith. I would bet my two little toes on it. “

Sheridan Smith performed in the West End and won a BAFTA (Credit:

And a third added: “The masks there looked like a BAFTA award – which Sheridan won – convinced #Hot dog is her. “

Another tweeted, “Sheridan Smith won a BAFTA and the mask Sausage picked up looks like one.”

However, not everyone agreed with these opinions. One fan scoffed: “People are really stupid to think the sausage is Sheridan Blacksmith. It doesn’t sound like her… It’s definitely Joss Stone. “

And a second fan wrote: “People who hear sausage and think Sheridan Blacksmith or Stacey Solomon needs to have her ears checked. “

Sir Lenny Henry (Blob) and Morten Harket (Viking) were both exposed on last night’s show.

The masked singer returns to ITV next Saturday at 7 p.m.

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