Sean Bean is back in time


Sean Bean is starring in the big new BBC drama Time on BBC One tonight – and it’s great to have his talent back on the small screen.

He has played some seriously high-profile characters during his five-decade career.

Nevertheless, Sean manages to remain fairly inconspicuous – so let’s dive into the life of the 62-year-old star from Sheffield.

BBC's Time - Sean Bean
Sean Bean is set to thrill fans again with the BBC one-drama Time (Image: BBC)

1. He is originally a Shaun

His real name is Sean Bean, but it was originally spelled Shaun – and his middle name is Mark.

2. Sean loves a wedding

In fact, he seems to like being a bridegroom. He was married five times! The last time he stepped on the aisle was in 2017 when he married Ashley Moore on a farm in Dorset.

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3. The name is … Bean

Sean missed becoming James Bond and was slapped for the role by Timothy Dalton after auditioning for The Living Daylights – maybe the Yorkshire accent would have gone too far for American audiences.

4. He doesn’t want to die on the screen again

Apparently he’s fed up with being killed – it happened about 20 times to be fair – and is now reportedly demanding that his character survive even if seriously injured. (Is that a spoiler for Time?)

Sharpe’s scar actually belongs to Sean Bean (Image Credit: Shutterstock / ITV)

5. His Sharpe scar was real

Plus, he got it from Harrison Ford, who accidentally hit him with a boat hook while filming Patriot Games in 1992. Now there is a story about eating.

6. The wrong human bean

We’re sure he’s inundated with fan mail, but he’s also getting letters from people trying to get rid of old rubbery face Mr.

7. He was stabbed in real life

Sean has suffered on-screen brawls more times than he probably would remember, but in 2011 he was really attacked.

The actor confronted a drunk who made suggestive comments about his companion – the perpetrator then stabbed him with broken glass.

Sean just kept drinking. Boy.

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8. Sean Bean is afraid of flying

So much so, that instead of taking helicopters with his co-stars, he wandered New Zealand while filming Lord of the Rings.

9. He is shaped

Sean sits on a net worth of £ 16 million. (He’ll probably need it with these ex-wives – and his five children.)

Sean Bean time
Sean Bean, Master of Meme (Image: Imgflip)

10. Bean gives a great meme

Thanks to his role as Boromir from The Lord of the Rings and especially his line ‘You Don’t Just Go to Mordor’ there are many memes.

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