Seattle-area game publisher tinyBuild valued at $474M after IPO on London Stock Exchange

Alex Nichiporchik, tinyBuild co-founder and CEO. (tinyBuild Photo)

Bellevue, Wash.-based indie video game publisher tinyBuild today completed an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, at a market capitalization of £340.6 million ($474 million).

The IPO reportedly makes tinyBuild the largest U.S.-based company to ever go public on the London Stock Exchange. Shares in tinyBuild are currently listed as $TBLD.

As part of the IPO, tinyBuild released a short trailer, starring a pixelated version of its founder Alex Nichiporchik, detailing the 10-year-old company’s recent history and current plans.

At time of writing, tinyBuild has launched 40 video games with 23 projects in development. Its seven internal production studios, three of which it acquired just last month, are located in Seattle, Boise, Riga, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Lviv, while tinyBuild itself is headquartered in Bellevue and Amsterdam.

Hello Neighbor is currently tinyBuild’s tentpole franchise. Based on Nichiporchik’s initial experience with living in an American suburb, the first game places players in the role of a young kid trying to figure out the mystery behind his creepy neighbor.

Since its 2017 debut, tinyBuild has worked to build Hello Neighbor into a multimedia property, which has grown to include a novel, a board game, a multiplayer-focused spin-off game called Secret Neighbor, and a pilot episode for an animated series. A sequel, Hello Neighbor 2, is in the works.

Aside from its own projects, tinyBuild’s approach has historically been to find interesting indie games from all over the world and invest in them, rather than sticking to any particular genre or style. Its lineup veers all over the map from grindhouse-themed horror games (Garage) to the most adorable first-person shooter ever made (Lovely Planet) to this year’s Kill It With Fire, an action game about going way too far to hunt down spiders.

Its upcoming projects include Potion Craft, where you make and sell goods in a virtual alchemy shop; Pigeon Simulator, where you play as the titular birds on a “quest for world domination” (like a lot of games labeled “simulator” right now, the title is meant entirely ironically); and Expedition Zero, a survival horror game set in rural Siberia.

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