Seattle startup iFoodDS raises $15M for food supply chain monitoring tech

Diane Wetherington, founder and executive chairman of iFoodDS. (iFoodDS Photo)

New funding: Seattle startup iFoodDS raised a $15 million Series A round led by Insight Partners.

The tech: The 8-year-old startup sells software to companies across the food supply chain that use iFoodDS to track fresh food in real time as it moves from farm to customer. Famers, distributors, grocery stores and more use iFoodDS for traceability, safety, and quality monitoring. The idea is to prevent food waste and improve efficiency.

The leadership: Diane Wetherington founded iFoodDS (previously known as iDecisionSciences) in 2013 after spinning it out of a produce industry consulting business she started. Wetherington previously worked at AT&T and Mastercard. Scott Mathews, the company’s CEO, was previously a sales exec at automotive giant CDK Global.

The company doubled its headcount over the past year; it has less than 50 employees.

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