Senior journalist Jyothi Venkatesh wins, among other things, the Perfect Achievers Award GOLD 2021

Gurubhai Thakkar’s “6th Perfect Achievers Award, Gold 2021” took place at the Karmveer Sports Club in Mumbai and attracted a lot of attention. In the absence of Gurubhai Thakkar, Dr. Khooshi Gurubhai & Dr. Geet S Thakkar, co-owner of “Perfect Woman” magazine. It’s one of the most anticipated awards shows that recognizes the right talent and inspires them to get even better. Recognize the right talent with outstanding performance like no other award ceremony.

The winners included Shraddha Das, Alankrita Sahai, Mohsin Siddique, Shama Sikander, James Milliron, Malvi Malhotra, Meister Kaveer Nishar, Veronica Vanij, Payal Ghosh, Nyrra Banerjee, Nikita Rawal, Amit Tyagi, Saas Bahu Betiya (Serial Aajtiya L), , Senior Journalist Jyothi Venkatesh, Moderator Uday Rajveer Singh, Pradeep Arora, Wasim Shaikh, Journalist Noopur Mavchy Aajtak, PR Namita Rajhans, Tasneem Lathiwala, Shruti Jain, Model Nandini Gupta, Transformation Trainer Nisrin Porbandarwala, Spiritual Painter, Farhe Khan, Abstract artist Shreyashee Konar, social activist Shilpi Dey, Kinjal Shah, Suresh Gudse RPI (A), hairdresser Ramesh Jaiswal, makeup artist Aashi Sahu etc.

Prof. Renuka Bangard & Senior Journalist Jyothi Venkatesh

Khooshi Gurubhai says, “We are trying to create an ecosystem in which real talent and excellence are rewarded. The essence of an award is not just to give it away, but to inspire the generation to do commendable work. It has to be believable and that’s what we stand for. We have seen some incredible work these inspiring young high achievers did during the pandemic and it is great to enjoy and celebrate their efforts. What’s better than the ‘Perfect Achievers Award’. Let’s all stay healthy and get vaccinated at the first opportunity ”. Our show is successful with the immense support of all of our employees and partners.

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