“Separating waste in filming can make a huge difference,” says Anushka Sharma

Always the first to set a benchmark in the industry, Anushka Sharma looks like she has done it again! During the pandemic, Anushka activated the practice of separating waste on the sets of projects lit green by her production house Clean Slate Filmz, making her the first producer to do so. During pregnancy, Anushka still wanted to help make the industry better and we have to commend them for that!

Says Anushka, “Separating waste from filming can make a huge difference, and I’m glad we can implement this in the sets of our production projects. The protection of the environment is the order of the day, and industry can make an immense contribution to the cause and also create sufficient awareness of it. We realized some time ago that waste separation must be paramount and I’m glad we can do it even when we’re in the middle of the pandemic. “

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Divya Ravichandran, Founder of Skrap Waste Management Solutions, affirmed, “Filming waste management is the order of the day and we have to thank Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Ssharma for actively partnering with us to ensure they were the first who started this conversation in the industry. It is important and necessary to properly handle waste in order to contain the pollution caused during filming. Clean Slate Filmz has set the standard in the industry to be conscious filmmakers who prioritize the environment. “

She added, “We commend them for being thought leaders on this because they can really set an example for others to follow. We’re happy to announce that several other manufacturing houses have now reached out to us to do the same. We feel the wheels are turning because people are becoming more aware of environmental concerns and it’s a really welcome change. “

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Anushka’s brother Karnesh reveals that the manufacturing house had to make this environmental decision. “Anushka and I started Clean Slate Filmz with the intention of making a difference at different points of contact. One such focus for us has always been reducing film set waste. Separation of waste is the order of the day and we have decided to take all the necessary steps to achieve this, ”he says.

Karnesh adds, “The industry as a whole is always open to embracing the best practices of the global film industry and creating new standards that are unique to filmmaking in India. We can set an example for our community by doing such little things that can lead to big, powerful, and positive changes. Clean Slate Filmz wanted to instill the culture of sorting waste on set so that we could do our part for the environment. As an industry, we are constantly trying to do better and we are sure that this will become the norm in future filming. “

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