Shalmali and Sandip Soparrkar perform at the KASHISH 2021 Closing and Awards Ceremony

As the 12NS The KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, South Asia’s largest LGBTQIA + film festival, will end on September 5thNS, get ready to see a great spectacle at the KASHISH 2021 Closing and Awards Ceremony on September 5thNS 6:00 p.m. on the festival’s social media @kashishfilmfest. The evening features performances by Shalmali, Sandip Soparrkar, Aneri Chaudhary, Ms. Tayano and Color Positive as well as discussions with supporting partners, award partners and community partners of the festival.

“It promises to be an exhilarating evening with song and dance performances from queer communities and allies, a fashion show and a beautiful video with all of the KASHISH team members. And of course what spices up the event even more is the announcement of the awards in 10 competition categories at KASHISH 2021 with a total prize money of Rs.3.95,000 !! The icing on the cake is to meet all the winners and hear what an award at KASHISH means to them !! ”said Sridhar Rangayan, festival director.

“It was a pleasure for me to perform at the KASHISH Film Festival to be a small part of a larger movement. I believe in diversity and this connection also enables me to be who I want to be, ”said pop star Shalmali.

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“It was an absolute honor for my partner Sheela Tiruchi and me to perform at the closing ceremony of the KASHISH festival. I was really humbled when Sridhar Sir contacted me and asked me to present our dance. Although the festival is virtual, as always, it reaches millions … KASHISH Festival connects hearts and believes in bonding through love for cinema, and for me dance has the same values. A big thank you to the KASHISH Festival Committee for choosing me as one of their performers and also for putting on such an extraordinary show, ”said Sandip Soparrkar, dancer and choreographer.

“For me, hosting the final night at KASHISH 2021 strengthens the bond I share with the most comprehensive film festival in India. Thank you for accepting both straight and queer people to come together and spread the message of love and inclusivity, ”said Radio Ki Heroini RJ Rohini Ramnathan, host of the closing ceremony.

The main jury members speaking at the event are Ritesh Batra, Gauri Shinde, Satya Rai Nagpaul, Cary Sawhney & Selvaggia Velo (Narrative Jury); Bina Paul, Gargi Sen & Nandan Saxena (Documentary Film Jury); Dr Anjali Monteiro, Ketki Pandit & Viveck Vaswani (Student Shorts Jury); Jerome Marrel (Poster Design Contest) and Roy Wadia (Riyad Wadia Award). The winners of the KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant will also be announced by judges Robin Bhatt, Renuka Shahane, Urmi Juvekar and Neeraj Churi.

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At the event you will also get to see the nominations, hear who the winners are and hear from the winners themselves about their anticipation of winning an award at KASHISH 2021!

“Despite the pandemic, we’re excited to unlock a fashion show with dance performances that showcase inclusivity through costumes of different ethnicity and songs to remind you that despite our differences, we can choose to be ‘all the same’!”, said Savio Mascarenhas, the founder / director of Color Positive, which hosts festivals, plays and events for the LGBTQIA + community. “We are delighted that our team was able to participate in KASHISH this year,” he added.

“Performing for KASHISH this year was a lot of fun. From brainstorming an initial idea to shooting a video for it. It’s extremely invigorating to perform with so many queer artists like me. The pandemic has not shaken our spirit to provide our services on a virtual platform. I took the opportunity to showcase my talent for the graduation ceremony and I’m really looking forward to everyone seeing the beautiful performances. I would like to thank KASHISH for organizing this festival and giving me a stage to display my talents as a queer, non-binary personality, ”said Mx Tayano, the acapella artist.

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“I’ve been to the KASHISH film festival with my ex-girlfriend before and everything seemed very chic to me back then. She introduced me to a whole new world, full of possibilities, colors and love. I was on the other side of that event at the time. I watched and it just surprised me. Then there was a long hiatus and then I happened to meet some wonderful people for a picnic, some of whom were from Color Positive. And I can’t begin to explain how magical I was singing with the group of people one night and today I’m singing here at the KASHISH graduation ceremony. I’m going to the KASHISH Film Festival this year, but this time on this side of the event. And I couldn’t find another word to explain how I really feel magical. It feels great to be associated with KASHISH. I feel really honored and grateful to be a part of this year’s festival. I absolutely love it, ”said Aneri Chaudhary, singer.

After the graduation ceremony, the graduation film follows Unhealthy, an Australian feature film about the romance between a deaf trans man and a singer.

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