Sharon is sent home when Bomb AJ picks Hugo

Love Island star Sharon Gaffka was released from the mansion after meeting Hugo Hammond.

The 25-year-old Oxford official found no love on the ITV2 series despite being linked with the PE teacher.

But for Sharon, tonight (July 18th) was the end of the road.

Sharon has left Villa Love Island (Image: ITV)

What happened on Love Island tonight?

First, AJ decided to team up with Hugo.

She said, “I’ve felt so comfortable since I came to the villa.

“He has the right morals that I am looking for in the long run and I want to explore this and get to know them a little more. The boy I want to team up with is Hugo. “

Second in line was the new boy Danny, who chose Lucinda.

Despite having his sights set on Lucinda, Aaron then teamed up with Kaz as friends.

Jake made his choice and chose Liberty.

Love Island Sharon
AJ decided to partner with Hugo (Photo credit: ITV)

Next up was Liam, who picked Millie and said he was really enjoying where things are going.

Next up was Toby when he picked Chloe as a couple.

Teddy was the last man standing.

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After he got along with Faye, his decision seemed pretty obvious.

As a result, Sharon was sent to pack.

Their fellow Islanders, however, were devastated.

Love Island Sharon
Hugo seemed devastated by the decision (Image credit: ITV)

How did the fans react to Sharon’s eviction?

Meanwhile, viewers were divided over Sharon’s departure.

One wrote: “Why do they all act like Sharon DIED. She has to come home and sort out the Covid policy anyway, buddy.

A second said, “Lose Sharon? She is at home and is watching the show on the sofa, she didn’t die. “

Why do they all pretend Sharon DIED!

In addition, a third tweeted, “Why are they all pretending they don’t know that Sharon is most likely to leave ?! #LoveIsland. “

However, another commented, “Sharon was amazing at the villa. She is very much missed on the show. “

A second agreed: “Don’t worry, Sharon, your hometown is 30 degrees and there are a lot more fish in the sea.”

A third shared, “Wept at Sharon, what’s wrong with me?”

Meanwhile, some viewers are not convinced that AJ and Hugo are a match.

They said: “I don’t see anything between Hugo and AJ.”

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Another wrote: “I’m sorry about the way Hugo looks at AJ. The man does NOT feel it. “

A third added: “AJ pours out her heart and Hugo goes through the ways he could have saved Sharon ????”

A fourth agreed: “I can’t decide whether AJ only chose Hugo because the other boys in their couples were happy, or whether she really likes him, I don’t feel her mood.”

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