Sharon Watts and Phil Mitchell goodbye?

EastEnders could aim for a shock reunion for Sharon Watts and Phil Mitchell.

The former couple bitterly split up last year after Sharon’s affair with Keanu Taylor was exposed.

Sharon and Phil have a reunion (Credit: BBC)

It culminated in Phil throwing Sharon on the street at Christmas and vowing to murder Keanu.

However, after the death of their son Dennis, the two became closer.

They worked closely together on a plan to assassinate Ian Beale for his part in Dennis’ death.

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But while that failed, there still seems to be a spark for the ex-husband and ex-wife.

Now the soap has given its clearest sign yet that the two will get together.

In the next week’s episodes, Sharon will have problems as it is the first anniversary of Dennis’s death.

Estenders Sharon Watt
Sharon asks Phil for help next week (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders’ Sharon Watts seeks support from ex-Phil Mitchell

After her friendship with Linda Carter is irreparably broken, Sharon asks Phil for support.

Linda turned her back on Sharon after getting her to admit the truth about Ian Beale’s attack.

Linda’s sister-in-law Tina was forced to flee for her family in order to escape the prison for the attack.

However, viewers know that she was murdered by Gray Atkins.

And after Max Branning publicly exposed Sharon when no one believed him, Linda was determined to learn the truth.

She convinced Sharon to tell her the truth and promised not to judge her.

Linda learned the truth from Sharon Watts – and left her (Credit: BBC)

But when she got the full story, she turned on her former best friend and accused her of destroying her family.

The rejection will push Sharon back into Phil’s arms.

He eagerly offers her solace and they bond over their mutual loss.

Phil asks his ex-wife out on a date – and she says yes! (Image credit: BBC)

Will Sharon and Phil get back together?

To complicate matters, the day also marks son Albie’s first birthday – so Sharon is a torrent of emotion.

Sharon goes to the bench in the square to mourn her son and sees Phil.

The Hardman comes to show his respect and Sharon tells him what happened to Linda, leaving him angry.

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Phil promises Sharon that he will take care of it – what will happen to Linda?

Phil has another surprise up his sleeve – a present for Albie that Sharon touches.

And to cement their reunion – Phil asks his ex-wife out on a date, but will she accept it?

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