Shaun Wallace beats up the candidate after failing to ask the right questions

Chase star Shaun Wallace beat contestant Tammy after failing to ask the right questions in Cashbuilder.

In the repeated episode from last night (Tuesday, June 8), the candidate found the ITV quiz show difficult.

During their stay, even host Bradley Walsh became frustrated.

Poor Tammy didn’t ask any real cashbuilder questions (Image credit: ITV)

What happened to Tammy at The Chase yesterday?

Tammy, a 24-year-old teaching assistant from Middlesex, took her place for the cash builder, explaining that she volunteers as a first responder for the London Ambulance Service in her spare time.

She also told Bradley that she loved the whole Chase experience, even if she didn’t get any of it.

She didn’t know what was going to happen …

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Tammy asked no questions in the Cashbuilder and Shaun Wallace offered her £ 1,000 and a top offer of £ 50,000.

Tammy decided to play it safe and go for the minus offer.

Although she finally got three questions correctly, Shaun caught them easily.

Tammy on The Chase frustrated with his Bradley Walsh
Even Bradley got frustrated (Image credit: ITV)

Did Shaun beat Tammy at the Chase?

Tammy got off to a terrible start to her chase with Shaun when she got her first three questions wrong.

And when The Dark Destroyer knocked on the door, even Bradley got frustrated.

“We have to start doing something right, Tammy, come on,” he exhaled.

Tammy managed to get a few questions right, but it wasn’t long before Shaun caught up with her.

How did viewers react to Tammy’s unsuccessful appearance on The Chase?

Viewers soon defended the teaching assistant on Twitter after her horror show appearance.

One said, “Feel like this Tammy at #TheChase.

“Not easy questions, to be fair hahaha.”

Another wrote: “#TheChase tammy volunteers to help other people in need …

Tammy at The Chase had a hard time answering the question right in Cashbuilder
Bradley couldn’t believe it as things got worse and worse (Image credit: ITV)

“I give her a thumbs up for that.”

A third thought that maybe the nerves had the upper hand.

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“Poor Tammy,” wrote the viewer. “I’m sure it was just my nerves.”

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