Sherlyn Chopra attacks Shilpa Shetty by calling her Didi on Twitter

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Raj Kundra has been released on bail and is now cooling off in his bungalow in Juhu. He was banned from leaving the country and asked to report to the nearest police station once a week until the case is closed, but femme fatale that it is her. Your actress Sherlyn Chopra doesn’t hesitate at all on social media about that besieged husband or his pretty wife Shilpa Shetty digging. The latest thing is that Sherlyn Chopra has taken her Twitter handle and asked Shilpa Shetty to make a difference in the real world, and that too in Shudh Hindi, which she has mastered over the past few years.

I’m quoting Sherlyn, who told Shilpa Shetty from her Twitter. “You do sashtang pranams on television for the artists whose art you say you are influenced by. Please also try to show some compassion to all women who are suffering by stepping out of role life and going into the real world, and then believe me, the whole world will bow to you. “

Ironically, Sherlyn Chopra had previously shared a video after Shilpa said in her statement that she was unaware of her husband Raj’s activities. Sherlyn says, “According to some reports, Didi (that’s what Sherlyn calls Shilpa just to prove that Shilpa is to her Eder) said and said that she was unaware of her husband’s nefarious activities. Didi also says she knows nothing about her husband’s movable and immovable wealth. You can understand for yourself how true this statement is. Orphan ise kya kehte hain? “Yeda bankar peda khana. Hai-Na? “

All I can say to Sherlyn is to leave poor Shilpa Shetty, who is at home with her husband for some time, to leave her alone.

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