Sherrie Hewson: “The director sexually abused her as a young actress”

Coronation Street legend Sherrie Hewson said a famous director sexually abused her as a young star.

The Maureen Webster actress said she was lured into the man’s apartment before he doused her with alcohol.

Sherrie Hewson reveals she was attacked by a “famous director” (Photo credit:

Sherrie explained how he tried to shower her with alcohol after making her stay at his house.

He waited for her to try to sleep before undressing and throwing himself, which left her terrified.

At just 21, Sherrie was shaken by the ordeal and too scared to comment.

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But now she’s revealed what happened and tells the story Sunday mirror: “His intention was to have sex. He was naked. “

She told how he had offered to take her home from drama school but took her to dinner instead.

After that, he went to his apartment and offered her coffee and said he would take her home afterward.

And when she asked for a lemonade, he gave her alcohol instead – until she felt dizzy.

Sherrie added, “He kept saying, ‘Oh look, it’s too late for me to drive now because I had some wine. You can sleep on that couch. ‘ I took off my dress and lay in my bra and panties on the couch with the covers, lights off, end of story.

Sherrie Hewson
Sherrie admitted she was “ashamed” of the incident (Photo credit:

What did Sherrie Hewson say?

“Within minutes, he stormed into the room naked and chased me for an hour. It sounds weird, but he chased me up and down the house, in and out of doors, in and out of closets … anything you can think of. I just ran for my life. “

Eventually, Sherrie says he’s tired of chasing her – and making her fall asleep.

However, she decided to escape as quickly as possible and ran out into the night.

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“He was very famous and he’s still very famous,” she added. “I’m not going to mention his name because I don’t think it’s right, but I haven’t told anyone. I was so ashamed. “

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