Sherwood BBC episode 5

Sherwood BBC episode 5 – 8 questions we have after tense episode

Sherwood BBC episode 5 – 8 questions we have after tense episode

Sherwood episode 5 on BBC One has FINALLY revealed the identity of the secret spy cop living in Ashfield – and it was one of those jaw-dropping moments viewers are hardly likely to forget.

Okay, so some of you might have already guessed.

After all, it was a process of elimination – blonde, older female, not local.

But it was still an unforgettable moment when it was confirmed.

Here are all the questions we want answered in the final episode of Sherwood on Tuesday night (June 28 2022).

***Warning: spoilers from episode 5 of Sherwood on BBC One ahead***

Lorraine Ashbourne’s character Daphne Sparrow was revealed as the secret spy cop in Sherwood episode 5 (Credit: BBC One)

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Sherwood episode 5 BBC One: Will Scott Rowley kill spy cop Daphne Sparrow?

Daphne Sparrow is the secret spy cop who has been “living a lie” in the BBC drama Sherwood.

Although we had begun to suspect her once Helen St Clair was ruled out, it was still a shock to have it confirmed.

Especially as she is far from the most law-abiding person in the village!

The thought of her once being a cop is quite alarming…

However, it makes sense that she’d want to turn away from the police force, when you consider the guilt she feels about the night of the fire.

Viewers now know that Daphne – using the pseudonym Keats – was the spy cop who infiltrated Ashfield and then reported the striking miners for starting the fire (after first incentivising them to do the crime in the first place).

We also know that she claimed Gary Jackson was one of the miners who had started the fire, when he wasn’t.

So does Scott Rowley know that Daphne Sparrow is the spy cop?

And does he plan to kill her like he killed Gary?

All will be revealed in the final episode of Sherwood.

How was she able to walk away from her job?

There’s been something puzzling us from the first time we heard about the spy cop living in Ashfield.

How was she allowed to walk away from the job and disappear?

The others, including Bill Raggatt, continued in the police force once their job “spying on political groups” was done.

Viewers were told he was a retired police officer of special operations.

The police granted all the spy cops anonymity.

But how did Daphne – aka Keats – slip through their net?

Did she quit the force and lie to the police about where she lived?

Surely they would have known her new identity and seen that she was still living in Ashfield?

Also, when Helen St Clair’s name was put into the police database, her file was restricted because she was on witness protection.

Surely the same would be true for Daphne?

It’s likely her name would have been put in the police database at some point, considering she’s known for living in a drug-dealing family?!

Will this be explained in episode 6 of Sherwood?

DCS St Clair and Di Salisbury hunting for the killers in the woods
DCS St Clair and DI Salisbury hunting for the killers in the woods (Credit: BBC)

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Sherwood episode 5 BBC One: Is DCS St Clair another villain?

DCS St Clair is not the saint – pardon the pun – we thought he was in the early episodes.

In fact, the copper is far from squeaky clean.

In episode 5 of Sherwood, viewers discovered a young Ian had snitched on his OWN DAD to further his career.

He had also corroborated Keats’ statement that Gary Jackson was at the scene of the fire that killed Jenny’s dad Johnny Ryan and burnt his own brother.

DI Salisbury had told the truth about the night – that Gary wasn’t at the scene of the crime – and Ian St Clair contradicted him.

Thus, St Clair “dismantled Salisbury’s career before it had begun”.

In episode 5 of Sherwood, we finally discovered that Ian’s dad was Ron St Clair (played by Mark Addy in the cast).

Understandably perhaps, Ron had severed ties with his son after the betrayal.

Ian had estranged himself from his whole family for the sake of brown-nosing his superiors.

Okay, he was young at the time, but what a [bleep]!

How on earth did Scott Rowley manage to hide a motorbike in the forest?

During episode 5 of Sherwood, Scott Rowley uncovered a piece of tarpaulin in the forest, where his motorbike was hidden.

But hadn’t the police searched the woods while hunting Scott and Andy Fisher?

Doesn’t make the Nottinghamshire police force look very thorough!

Adam Hugill as Scott Rowley in Sherwood
Adam Hugill as murderer Scott Rowley in Sherwood (Credit: BBC One)

Sherwood episode 5 BBC One: Why did the police shoot Andy dead?

Was it just us who felt upset when police shot Andy Fisher dead?

He told Scott he was ready to die and join his wife.

Which is perhaps why he ran, rather than hand himself in.

So when he reached for his bow and arrow, it’s understandable that the police shot him.

After all, despite his bumbling persona, Andy was a murderer.

But did police have to shot him fatally?

Surely a gunshot in the knee or arm would have sufficed?

How did Helen manage to hide her past from St Clair?

In episode 5 of Sherwood, Ian St Clair found out that his wife Helen had a past he knew nothing about.

We’re not quite sure how on earth she managed to hide it from him all that time.

Helen explained that her father had tried to kill her.

Along with her mother, Helen was then given a brand new identity under witness protection.

During episode 5, it’s clear the revelation had affected their marriage.

Can Ian get over the fact his wife has a secret past he knew nothing about?

Young Ian and Young Martin in Sherwood
Brothers Ian and Martin in Sherwood episode 5 (Credit: BBC One)

Is DI Salisbury really to blame for what happened on the night of the fire?

DI Salisbury has “carried the guilt” of abandoning his post as a young copper for 30 years.

A young Kevin was supposed to be keeping guard at the police storeroom, but neglected his duties for love.

Instead of keeping watch, Kevin met up with Jenny so they could spend some time together.

Keats let the news ‘slip’ to the striking miners, who made it their business to raid the storeroom.

Of course, devastation followed when they were caught by another police officer, and a fire broke out.

The fire left Johnny Ryan dead, and Ian’s brother badly burned.

Yes, DI Salisbury shouldn’t have abandoned his post, but it was hardly his fault the fire broke out.

He can not be held responsible for the fact the miners broke into the depot.

And while Keats played her part, she can hardly be blamed either.

Sherwood episode 5 BBC One: Who is DCS Ian St Clair’s brother? Where is he now?

In episode 5 of Sherwood on BBC One, we discovered that Ian St Clair has a brother who was also a police officer.

The pair worked side by side during the miners’ strike in 1984.

But tragically, Ian’s brother Martin ran back into the fire during the fateful night to check his dad wasn’t still in there.

Martin was then left badly burnt and hospitalised.

We know he couldn’t have died from his burns, as we’ve been told there was only one casualty from the fire, and that was Johnny Ryan.

So where is Ian’s brother now?

Sherwood concludes on Tuesday June 28 2022 at 9pm on BBC One.

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