Shirley Setia is out with a sweet love story in her latest track ‘Tere Naal Rehniya’!

Shirley Setia is ready to release her latest single, “Tere Naal Rehniya,” a love song that the Gen-Z crowd will identify with. Koi Vi Nahi’s team returns to guide the audience through a sweet love story of young love with Shirley and Gurnazar, Robby Singh’s music video. Music by Gaurav Dev and Kartik Dev, with lyrics by Gurnazar, ‘Tere Naal Rehniya’.

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Shirley Setia says: “Tere Naal Rehniya is a song that is very close to my heart and I am sure that everyone can relate to it. We did this with a lot of love and I really hope the audience enjoys it. ”Shirley Setia’s ‘Tere Naal Rehniya’ will be released on September 25th.

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