Should Nicola and Jimmy split up? (Wednesday June 9th)

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Jimmy admits his feelings for Mandy. Is it over for him and Nicola?

In the next week’s scenes, Nicola realizes that it is Jimmy’s hearing day.

Not knowing, she could not attend and left them further apart than ever.

When Mandy hears Jimmy plead guilty, she is determined to change his mind.

Mandy takes him to Jimmy’s hearing (Image credit: ITV)

She tries to get him to see that he is going to jail and that nothing will help anyone and steps in to accompany him.

Meanwhile, Nicola confides in her marital problems to Bernice, and Mack is happy to confirm to Nicola that he will always be an option for her.

Is Nicola going to cheat on Jimmy? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Soon Nicola is completely dressed up and goes to the junkyard.

She seems to be reacting to Mack and he thinks all of his dreams will come true. But is it you?

Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy admits his feelings to Mandy

When Jimmy comes home later, it is clear that he and Nicola are becoming more estranged than ever.

Soon Jimmy can’t help but come back to see Mandy in the drawing room. He confesses to her that his feelings run deeper than friendship.

Mandy is stunned and Jimmy regrets her reaction. Mandy urges Jimmy to fight for his marriage.

Soon, Jimmy tips over to see an argument between Juliette and Nicola. But things don’t help when Jimmy appears to take Juliette’s side.

Jimmy appears to be on Juliette’s side in an argument (Image credit: ITV)

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Jimmy later tells his wife that he wants to move out and Nicolas’ world collapses around her.

Can Nicola fight for her marriage while Jimmy negotiates privately with Juliette about custody of Carl?

Or are Jimmy and Nicola over for good?

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