Show cut to break after minutes, baffling fans

Sunday brunch viewers were stunned today when Channel 4’s broadcast was interrupted after just a few minutes.

Hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer started the show as usual, introducing this week’s guests and revealing what was in store for them.

Sunday brunch viewers were stunned (Image credit: Kanal 4)

What happened today at Sunday brunch?

After the hosts had welcomed former TOWIE star Mark Wright, among others, they shouted a few greetings to the audience.

However, the presenters then cut randomly to leave viewers at home confused.

Viewers rushed to Twitter to question what had happened.

“A very confusing morning … an ad after 3 minutes,” said one.

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A second tweet: “You should have done this advertisement from the start?”

“Already 3 minutes and there is a commercial break?” added a third.

When the show returned from break, none of the presenters addressed the bizarre timing.

The show then went on as usual, leaving viewers at home confused.

Vernon Kay was on the show last week (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on the show last week?

Last week on the show, I’m A Celebrity’s Vernon Kay revealed some secrets of the campsite.

He told Tim and Simon that when he signed up for the show he thought it would be in Australia.

“And I went ‘well, see you next year,'” he joked.

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“I was hoping for a full tan, the Australian experience of walking the beach and then playing golf at this Versace hotel.

“It took a little convincing to make me realize that North Wales would be fine, and indeed it was perfect.”

The star continued, “I enjoyed every single second and if you said go in tomorrow I would because it was such an emotional time where we really got to know each other on an intimate basis.

“We had really deep, soulful and meaningful conversations with each other.

“I have since heard that if they get the nod to return to Australia, they will,” he added. “So Wales is being put aside. But I hope it goes back to Wales. “

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