Show hit 203 Ofcom complaints about Meghan jibe

The flagship of the ITV daily show This Morning was hit by a wave of Ofcom complaints.

The complaints relate to a show hosted on April 15 by Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary.

And they were aimed directly at guest Julia Hartley-Brewer and her criticism of Meghan Markle.

Alison and Dermot’s hosts wanted to continue the conversation this morning (Credit: ITV).

This morning on ITV: What did Julia say about Meghan?

Julia upset This Morning viewers after making fun of Meghan’s allegations of racism within the royal family.

It was the result of a picture of Prince Philip and the Queen posing with seven of their grandchildren, captured in 2018 and flashing on the screen.

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Of course, Meghan had not yet become the mother of son Archie at this point, but Julia quickly turned to the Duchess of Sussex.

She said, “I wonder if Meghan managed to offend this photo without offending her son.”

Julia then suggested that Meghan “probably thinks it’s a racist photo”.

“Ladies, please, let’s move on.”

Fellow guest Nicola Thorpe told Julia that she was “driving an agenda”.

She said, “To suggest that Meghan would think something is racist, something that wasn’t there at the time, push this agenda yourself.”

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Julia replied, “I’m joking and pointing out that some people can find offense in something.

“It seems she would have done it after pointing her finger at high-ranking royals without naming them.”

Host Dermot then entered and tried to continue the conversation.

He said, “Ladies, please, let’s move on to the next topic – we thought we were going to start on an easier topic.”

Julia Hartley brewer this morning
Viewers slammed Julia Hartley-Brewer for her comments (Credit: ITV)

How many complaints has ITV’s This Morning segment received?

Ofcom has received 203 complaints about the segment, according to Metro.

Wow wow, now joke and laugh about racism and raise Meghan and talk bad about her again when nothing has been said about her?

The complaints are now being examined by the broadcasting authority.

It will then decide whether to initiate an investigation into the complaint.

nicola thorp this morning
Nicola Thorpe was hailed as a hero for opposing Julia (Photo credit: ITV)

What did the ITV viewers say back then?

At the time, viewers slammed Julia for making the comments.

One said: “Absolutely love Nicola, who oppose them [bleep] Julia continues #This morning! ”

Another added: “Wow wow, now joke and laugh about racism and raise Meghan and talk bad about her again when nothing has been said about her?”

They were so upset that they even asked ITV to “get Julia off our TV screens”.

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