Singer Jubin Nautiyal surprises his fan Himani Bundela – KBC 13 winner – with a visit to her home in Agra

Himani Bundela – a visually impaired young teacher from Agra became the first Crorepati of KBC 13 Hearts with his soulful voice on September 1st, 2021. It was her dream to meet Jubin Nautiyal and she sent him a voice message saying she won the show. Touched by her innocence, singer Jubin Nautiyal decided to surprise her. The surprise was planned with the help of Himani’s sister, and Jubin’s team went ahead and made all the necessary arrangements.

Jubin posed as a journalist and visited her home in Agra. While she was talking about her desire to meet Jubin and singing one of her favorite songs, Khushi Jab Bhi Teri, the singer surprised her when he broke into a song in the middle of the interview and she realized it was her idol, the straight one sat next to her. What followed was an emotional moment as he sang the rendition of Khushi Jab Bhi Teri and she just couldn’t believe it. The video clip restores your belief in humanity and shows how humble and grounded Jubin is!

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Jubin said, “I was really touched when Himani sent me a voice memo after the show and I knew we had to meet her. When I met Himani in person, the mood was so warm and pure love was all I received from her and her family. It’s an inexplicable joy I feel when I meet and interact with fans like hers. You are the future of our country and I am so happy to see such brilliant minds come from all over India. Your affection and love give me the reason to do more and to spread love ”.

It was certainly a dream come true for the girl from the small town of Himani, who was overjoyed to meet her favorite singer just because of her voice memo and mention on the quiz show. A moment of family pride and honor, Jubin Nautiyal’s visit will remain in her memory forever and this video gives us a glimpse into the wonderful bonding time the two had at her home in Agra. A kind, humble and heart-touching gesture from Jubin Nautiyal has once again overwhelmed us to prove that celebrities really care about their fans.

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