Sirf Tum Review: Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh’s romance and on-screen chemistry are on point

After a break, Vivian Dsena celebrated a comeback in the subway with Sirf Tum amid much fanfare. The show, which aired on November 15, also plays Eisha Singh, who also took a break from the Daily Soap after her Ishq Subhan Allah aired. They face each other on the show, which is yet another story of romance amid the ambition, class differences, and power games that are so prevalent in our society. The first episodes got a positive response, but some also felt that there are some cases that could have been better, easier, and preventable.

Let’s start with the first episode, which begins with the story of a Suhani (Eisha) who dreams of becoming a doctor. She is receiving a scholarship to a medical college and is looking forward to taking the first step towards her ambition. Suhani’s mother Sudha (Eva Ahuja) is also happy. But the mother-daughter duo is afraid of how Suhani’s father, the very strict Rakesh (Sanjay Batra), would react. Without telling him anything. They even sneak out of the house to get the college form, where they also meet Rhea (Sonyaa Ayodhya), Suhani’s best friend. Around the same time, Ranveer (Vivian Dsena), a college topper and soccer team captain, is introduced. Suhani and Ranveer meet twice and, in some confusion, their phones are exchanged.

The story sounds a bit similar, but there are some wonderful moments that will move you. While Sudha’s and Suhani’s bond makes us emotional along with Ranveer’s aggressive side, he’s also seen as a kind hearted person who makes sure Suhani gets her shape. There is also a sequence in which Ranveer greets his mother rather than his father on sports day in college, suggesting that there is a story behind his behavior. And this part piques our interest. Among other things, there is an interesting twist in the story that shows that Suhani’s father works in Ranveer’s parents’ company.

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Now, let’s get to the parts that feel like ‘we’ve seen this before’, ‘we know this story’ and ‘we know what’s going to happen next’. These typical servings are that Suhani and her mother are afraid of rakesh and even are always traditionally dressed to avoid male attention. Well, Suhani’s grandmother, who supports her son and is even a woman who doesn’t help the women in the house, is also very traditional. At a time when the world has evolved, it does not seem credible that an educated household would behave like this. Somewhere there is no connection to the urban audience.

Eisha as Suhani, for her part, looks perfect and her performance as a meek, gentle and submissive person is compelling. Vivian, on the other hand, does justice to Ranveer. He’s smart, brave, but also has a softer side. Both are brilliant actors and their on-screen chemistry is just right.

It’s not wrong to say that the start didn’t go off with a bang, but over time it got faster and faster. The campus setting is real and relatable, and the characters look convincing. When looking at these first few episodes, it’s not too much to say that the show has the right ingredients to do well if the presentation, performance, and content stay good. Love stories are not a new genre, but one that has been done to several dead. Therefore, they need special attention and balance. Hopefully the makers find that.