Six great podcasts on the bizarre case

The Netflix UK documentary Elisa Lam tells the story of a Canadian student who mysteriously died in a hotel in the United States.

Viewers who enjoyed the latest hit Night Stalker will enjoy the streaming platform’s latest documentary investigating the Elisa Lam case and the discovery of her body in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in LA.

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles where they found Elisha’s body (Image credit: Buzzfeed Unsolved Network / YouTube)

Crime Scene: The Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel can be viewed from Wednesday February 10th.

For those who want to learn more about the bizarre case in the meantime, numerous podcasts have covered it. Here are six to get your hands on before the show hits Netflix.

The last picture of Elisa was of getting into an elevator at the Cecil Hotel (CBS News / YouTube)

Best Elisa Lam Podcasts Before Netflix UK Doc


This show covers everything from serial killers to haunted and detective stories. Episode 88, The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam, dealt with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the case.

Friends Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala moderate RedHanded and publish new episodes every week.

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RedHanded is available on Spotify and other podcast platforms.

Dark poutine

Dark Poutine, a show about real crime and dark history, covered the 2018 case in episode 33.

It is important to know that the show includes a warning for the discretion of the viewer as it contains rough language and graphic descriptions.

However, if you think it’s for you, there are a number of popular podcast platforms available to listen to Dark Poutine, including Apple Podcasts.

Elisa Lam, a Canadian college student, was only 21 years old when she died in 2013 (Photo Credit: BuzzFeed Unsolved Network / YouTube)


The Sinisterhood podcast covered Elisa Lam in episode 17.

The description puts a question at the center of the case and the Netflix documentary: “Could the dark and tortured history of the hotel and its shabby residents be to blame? Or was it her lifelong battle against mental illness? “

Web crawler

That show investigated the case in a two-part episode in 2019.

Colleagues Ali Segel, Melissa Stetten and Maria Blasucci are the hosts of web crawlers who focus on all kinds of secrets.

Could the dark and tortured history of the hotel and its shabby residents be to blame?

They publish episodes every few days, so subscribing to them is good if you prefer regular content on your podcast feed.

They found her body in a water tank on the hotel roof (Photo credit: Citytv / YouTube)

Learn more about the death of Elisa Lam

We saw the devil: a podcast about real crime

We Saw The Devil, available on Apple Podcasts, investigated the case in an intriguingly titled two-part episode called Elisa Lam: Found But Still Missing.

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It’s good as it shows Jake Anderson, an investigative journalist who spent years investigating the student’s mysterious death.

Mile higher podcast

Mile Higher is available on YouTube, Stitcher and other platforms and is hosted by husband and wife team Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae.

Mile Higher wrote about Elisa Lam last year and releases new episodes every Monday that explore other secrets.

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