Six questions that concern us

Angela Black continues this week, and episode two left us with a briefcase full of questions.

The series started with a bang last week, introducing us to Joanne Froggatt’s title character.

In ITV1’s latest gripping thriller, Angela Black suffered at the hands of her abusive husband, who may or may not be a murderous psychopath.

Here are the questions we need to answer before the third episode.

*** Warning: Big spoilers from episode two – only read if you’ve seen the first two episodes ***

Michiel Huisman as Olivier and Joanne Froggatt as Angela in Angela Black (Image: ITV1)

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Angela Black Episode Two Questions: Is Olivier a Murderer?

In episode one, Ed told Angela that Olivier was capable of murder.

We believed him because of the first few scenes where Olivier was shown abusing his wife.

Private detective Ed told Angela that Olivier plans to have her killed to get rid of her.

In episode two, Ed continued to urge Angela on how dangerous her husband was.

He warned her that Olivier killed former lover Yuki and buried her body – and appeared to have evidence.

Yes, we believe Olivier is capable of murder.

But we also become very suspicious of Ed and his motives.

What is Edgewater?

That question still hangs in the air like a nasty burp after a bowl of chilli nachos.

On the first episode, viewers heard Ed tell Angela that he knew about Edgewater.

Angela was visibly affected by the mention of Edgewater.

In episode two, Ed brings up Edgewater again as leverage to keep Angela from going to the police.

He says, “If I know everything about you, the police will know everything about you – even Edgewater.”

To which she replied: “Then I have to run.”

So Angela obviously has a huge skeleton in her past.

Could SHE be capable of murder?

At this point, we don’t trust anyone – not even the rabbit.

Angela Black occupied ITV1
Angela Black’s life seems idyllic – but in fact she is the victim of abuse (Image: ITV1)

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Angela Black episode two – what happened to Yuki?

Yuki worked with Olivier and had an affair with him before she disappeared – if Ed is to be believed.

In episode two, viewers finally saw the inside of the mysterious suitcase.

Far from containing an ax and a couple of severed fingers as we suspected, Angela only found a love letter from Yuki and a sexy picture of her in her underwear.

But does that prove they were having an affair?

And do people still send letters?

If this is incriminating evidence, why did Olivier keep it?

During their secret meeting in the woods, Ed tells Angela that they are standing by Yuki’s grave – and he flashes a photo of her corpse.

Sorry, but can we take a closer look at the photo?

Angela Black episode two questions: will Angela run or kill Olivier?

The climax of the second episode saw Angela faced with a dilemma – agree to kill or let Ed Olivier run away.

It’s not a huge selection.

Ed urges Angela to kill Olivier, but we’ll have to wait until the third episode to see what she decides.

Like Ed said, why would Angela run away if she didn’t do anything wrong?

But murder isn’t a rational option either, is it? (Unless you’re starring in an ITV drama with Joanne Froggatt).

Joanne Froggatt Angela Black
Joanne Froggatt fights for her life as Angela Black in the ITV1 series (Image: ITV1)

Angela Black episode two questions: is Ed the real villain?

Ed’s definitely wrong, right?

Why does he want Olivier dead so badly?

Could it be because he’s dressed better?

There is clearly an ulterior motive that we are dying to find out.

We’re also starting to think Ed is the bad guy here.

Is he manipulating Angela to do what he wants – just like her husband? We think so at this point.

When will ITV give actress Joanne Froggatt a break?

Actress Joanne Froggatt has to join the cast of Benidorm for a while.

She played the role of rape victim Laura Nielson in Liar and went to prison as Anna Bates in Downton Abbey.

Viewers think the same thing, with a tweet: “ITV clearly loves making life difficult for Joanne Froggatt. First Downton Abbey, then two series from Liar and now #AngelaBlack. When are you going to give the poor woman a nice show for a change? “

Another said: “Joanne Froggatt is a good actress, but seems to be typed with her youngest characters.”

A third added, “Producers really like it when Joanne Froggatt is attacked on programs. #AngelaBlack. “

The most important question, however, is will she fight back?

Angela Black will continue on ITV1 on Sunday, October 24th, 2021 at 9 p.m.

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