Six times down to earth, Kate Middleton proved she’s just like the rest of us

Despite being regal and destined to sit alongside Prince William in his role as king, Kate Middleton is actually pretty down to earth.

Yes, she can wear tiaras and prom dresses worth thousands of pounds. But if you dive a little deeper, you’ll find that the mother of three in love is just like you and me.

From running around after the kids to cooking dinner, watching Strictly Come Dancing, and partying hard while she and William took a break, Kate could be our power animal.

Read on for all those times the down-to-earth Duchess of Cambridge was just like the rest of us.

The Duchess was spotted cuddling up to her eldest children at polo (Image Credit: Splash News)

Kate Middleton, the mother to touch

Despite having the luxuries of a nanny, Kate does much of the hard work herself.

She was often seen berating her eldest children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – for misbehaving in public.

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Kate was seen pointing her finger at a young Prince George playing polo and seemingly holding back Princess Charlotte as she stuck her tongue out at photographer on a sailing trip.

Kate Middleton
Prince Charlotte appeared to get a tick for sticking her tongue out (Image Credit: Splash News)

She also goes to events pretty well equipped and has plenty of snacks on hand to keep her little ones busy.

Kate was there for her daughter’s first day of school too.

Together with Papa Prince William and older brother Prince George, Kate and Charlotte walked hand in hand to the gates.

Kate Middleton
Kate broke into a sprint during her polo trip, chasing after Prince George (Image Credit: Splash News)

She also showed how motherhood can feel pretty lonely at times – something many new mothers can relate to.

Back in 2017, she said, “Sometimes it’s lonely and you feel pretty isolated, but actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you are going through.

“Nothing can really prepare you for the overwhelming experience of what it means to be a mother.”

Kate Middleton
While taking a break, Kate hit town (Image credit: Splash News)

We took a break!

Kate and her current husband, Prince William, briefly split in 2007 while advertising.

And Kate took the opportunity to let her hair fall.

She was spotted with her friends at London’s top club Mahiki, lived it out and showed William what he was missing.

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William later admitted, “Well, I think, to be honest, I wouldn’t believe everything you read in the paper, but in this particular case we broke up for a while.

“But that was just, we were both very young, it was at university, we both found ourselves as such and were different characters and stuff.

“We tried very hard to find our own way and we grew up so it was just a little bit of space and stuff and it turned for the better.”

Kate also commented on the breakup, but it seems that it was difficult for her at the time.

“I think I wasn’t very happy about it at the time, but actually it made me a stronger person, you learn things about yourself that you may not have known.

“I think you can get consumed with a relationship when you are younger, and I really appreciated that time for myself, too, although I didn’t think so at the time.”

Kate Middleton
The Duchess is a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan (Image credit: Splash News)

How does Kate spend her Saturday evenings these days?

As a busy mother of three children, clubs are now a thing of the past.

But next Saturday (September 25th) we can venture a guess where it will be.

In front of the box at the first live show of Strictly Come Dancing in 2021!

“I saw the show [Strictly] a couple of times, ”William revealed once.

“Catherine is a huge fan and my mother-in-law loves it.”

Kate Middleton
Kate was a leader when it came to masks and disinfectants at the height of the pandemic (Image Credit: Splash News)

Pandemic chic

Kate was a leading figure amid the pandemic, leading the applause from her doorstep on a Thursday night and putting on her mask as her royal duties resumed.

She was even spotted with hand sanitizer when she went to an indoor use in a nursing home.

Kate Middleton
The good-hearted royal has a soft spot for four-legged friends (Photo credit: Tim Rooke / Shutterstock)

She loves our four-legged friends

Kate is a big animal lover, as we have seen many times with her dog Lupo, who sadly died in November.

Before Lupo’s death, the family had a new puppy. And it is reported that they kept it in the family.

Lupo’s sister Luna, owned by Kate’s brother James Middleton, gave birth to six pups and the Cambridges have reportedly adopted one.

In addition, Kate has been spotted petting large and small dogs at various royal engagements.

On a trip to Islamabad, she was seen feeding, playing and walking the dogs at the Army Canine Center.

Kate Middleton
Proof that she’s just like the rest of us has suffered the occasional malfunction in the dressing room (Image Credit: Splash News)

Kate Middleton also suffers from wardrobe errors

The Duchess of Cambridge is not immune to the occasional wardrobe mistake.

She was photographed with her stiletto heel in a trellis at least twice on an official outing.

William was even spotted helping her rom-com style on one occasion!

But perhaps her biggest fashion gaffe came while visiting Calgary with William.

The couple got out of a helicopter, Kate flaunted in a buttercup yellow dress.

However, she hadn’t taken into account the gusty Canadian weather.

It whipped her hair into a windswept madness and made her dress fly up, which flaunted more than she might have expected!

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