Snow could hit Britain this weekend

Those in the UK hoping for some relief from the 2020 chaos in the New Year may be disappointed with the latest weather forecast.

Record snowfall is currently covering parts of Europe including Madrid. The Spanish city has seen more snow in one day than in the past four decades.

Similar weather should hit the UK before the end of the month (January).

The UK weather forecast looks grim for January (Photo credit:

A major SSW warming event is developing high above the Arctic.

It’s similar to what started the infamous Beast from the East in 2018.

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According to reports, the whole country could be hit by heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures.

Simon Lee, an atmospheric science and weather forecasting researcher at the University of Reading, said the mirror: “Jet stream weakening often occurs after an SSW which means the UK is now more prone to outbreaks of colder weather from the north and east than before.”

Snow is expected to hit the UK (Credit:

What is the weather like in the UK this weekend?

Temperatures in the northern parts of the UK are expected to drop to -9 ° C before the end of the weekend.

As a result, snow may fall over the Pennines, North York Moors and the Highlands of Wales on Saturday.

Some parts of the southwest of England could even see 2-5 cm of snow.

The Met Office said Sunday was “mostly dry in the south and gradually becoming less cold” and “in the north temporarily unsettled with rain and mountain snow, in the west most difficult and gradually spreading south”.

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RAC’s Ben Aldous had a strong warning for those who wanted to race in the conditions.

He said: “Fog, ice and in some places snow are the drivers’ enemies. In order to avoid the conditions being adversely affected, it is important for motorists to adapt their driving style.

“If you accelerate and brake more gently and drive more slowly, especially on rural or unpaved roads, you can ensure a safe and problem-free journey.”

It comes after a cold weather that has raged across the UK since the start of the New Year.

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