Young adults in the wild in Snowflake Mountain

What is the reality show about?

What is the reality show about?

Snowflake Mountain is a brand new reality show on Netflix that teaches a group of bratty millennials a lesson about tough love.

The TV series takes the contestants into the wilderness to learn how to survive on their own and stand on their own two feet.

We love the idea already!

But will this push them into growing up or will the exercise cause these so-called ‘snowflakes’ to melt?

Here’s everything you need to know about the extreme reality series.

Netflix’s new reality series Snowflake Mountain takes a group of bratty adults out into the wild to survive on their own (Credit: Netflix)

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What is Snowflake Mountain about?

Snowflake Mountain is a reality TV show that takes 10 of the most spoiled British millennials into the wild.

Sent to the mountains by their friends and family, the influencers thought they were going to a luxury resort.

However, hosts Matt Tate and Joel Grave had something else in store for them!

Instead, they were taken to a brutal wilderness survival bootcamp, to learn about survival and hard work, something these 20-somethings have definitely taken for granted.

The ‘snowflakes’ will go through various challenges such as swimming in freezing lakes and learning how to make a fire.

In order to win the $50,000 cash prize, the contestants will have to work together and learn to survive on their own.

But, there’s a twist!

For every contestant who quits, $5,000 will be deducted from the prize pot.

How many episodes of Snowflake Mountain are there?

There are eight episodes of Snowflake Mountain in total.

Each episode is around 40 minutes.

In each episode, the group will conquer new challenges that will break these laid-back millennials and test their limits.

Matt Tate and Joel Graves look serious on Snowflake Mountain
Matt Tate and Joel Graves host the reality series Snowflake Mountain (Credit: Netflix)

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Where is Snowflake Mountain filmed?

The reality series Snowflake Mountain is filmed in the Lake District.

Also known as the Lakes or Lakeland, the Lake District is a mountainous region located in Cumbria, North West England.

It consists of several lakes, forests and mountains, making the perfect destination for the survival TV series.

A majority of the pivotal scenes are also located in the Graythwaite Estate.

The Graythwaite Estate is a private estate with several luxury holiday cottages in the Lake District, but it still consists of plenty of lakes and woodland.

Who hosts the reality show?

Survivalists Matt Tate and Joel Graves host the reality series Snowflake Mountain.

The pair are both ex-military officers and trained survival experts.

Matt was an Army Combat Engineer for almost 10 years and Joel is a former Navy Officer.

Talking to RadioTimes, Matt explained that he was excited to be approached for the reality show.

He said: “It was exciting when we were approached because I think both of us, we like the thought of getting to play a part and maybe have a positive impact in somebody’s life.”

Joel also added: “I like to think things can’t be that bad and when we actually met I was like, ‘The legends are true!’

“I realised it was going to be a lot more challenging than I anticipated.

“I could tell they were all going to be characters.

“They were true to form.”

All episodes of Snowflake Mountain are currently available to watch on Netflix.

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