Somy Ali absorbs love!

Former Bollywood actress Somy Ali, who runs an NGO called No More Tears and lives in Miami, has a unique take on love. She says: “Love has a different meaning for me when I have got older. When I was a teenager I was totally in love and it was everything that drives me in life. However, that was a romantic, stupid and young love. But now as an adult, love for me is intertwined with No More Tears. That is the real definition of love for me. Helping others in need is love and that is why Valentine’s Day is commonplace for me as No More Tears has no days off.

The key word is “unconditional”. Giving without expecting anything in return is the true definition of love for me. In our culture, parents show best how they love their children and how most siblings love one another. At No More Tears, I try my best to give unconditional love to the survivors I work with. It’s selfish for me because it makes me feel incredibly good. “Well, Somy, you still look very gorgeous and your pictures are worth a thousand words.

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