Somy Ali shares two recent cases involving “graphic and despicable abuse” handled by her NGO

Somy Ali reported on two cases she recently worked on within her NGO No More Tears (NMT) and her plans to open an “NMT Chapter in India”. Without revealing the victim’s real name, she said, “Let’s call her Mary. She was brought to the USA from the Philippines on a fiancé visa and abused and used as a sex slave here in Miami by a man 30 years older than Mary for 20 years. She was not allowed to dress how she wanted, open her own bank account, and her husband took away every dollar she made as a waitress.

“She spoke very little English when she met this man in her home country and he enticed her by telling her that he loved her when he was in the Philippines. He told her he would love it if she came to America with him and she could get an apprenticeship. It was all a complete farce. Upon arrival, she learned that he already had a wife, but no children. His wife lived in a separate house and he eventually divorced her. Mary has been through the most vivid and despicable abuse, and I am amazed how she is still alive. One of our board members visits the restaurant where Mary works and so she ended up in the care of NMT. ​​”

The other case involved a seven-year-old boy. “Jim (name changed) was sexually abused by his own biological father and eventually by eight of his father’s friends who repeatedly raped this child. This is the epitome of child trafficking. The situation escalated to the point that Jim was taken to houses where strangers (all adult men) took turns raping him and videotaping all of the barbarism. Jim is now in the care of NMT, ”she said.

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When she started helping others through her NGO, she found it very difficult, especially when she had rape cases of girls and boys aged 3-4 years. “Child abuse cases still affect me to this day. How can someone not be affected by this? However, when I’m in my victim attorney mode, I can disconnect and focus on what’s a problem ahead of me, and now my only job is to fix it. I can separate my work from my emotions. I’m a trained and certified victim attorney and my degree in psychology also helps me a lot in having strong coping mechanisms, ”said the activist.

It never becomes monotonous for them to save lives. “I am a former survivor who inspires me to help others. I made a promise to myself that the day I wake up feeling that I don’t want to continue NMT is the day I will stop. I haven’t woken up feeling like this in 14 years, and I don’t expect to have those feelings anytime soon, ”said Somy.

Something extremely big will happen for NMT next year, which they cannot reveal at the moment. “Then I plan to open an NMT chapter in Mumbai, India,” said the US activist.

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