Sony TV’s Vignaharta Ganesh brings to life the stories of Mira Bai. to live

Sony Entertainment Television’s most popular mythological show, Vighnaharta Ganesh, managed to seamlessly unite viewers and has become its favorite. Renowned television actors play key figures on the show such as Advati Kulkarni portraying Lord Ganesha, Malkhan Singh Essays portraying Lord Shiva and Madirakshi Mundle portraying Parvati Mata. Time and again, these actors have demonstrated their effortless acting skills and played their roles with great ease. With the introduction of a new chapter of “Mira Bai” in the show, the creators involved the actress Lavina Tandon. In the upcoming episode, Mira Bai’s marriage to a man from the Chittor family will be fixed.

The story revolves around ‘Mira Bai’, a devoted follower of Lord Krishna and worshiped him religiously. She dreams of Lord Krishna and her family is worried about her. When she learns that her marriage to someone else is okay, she tries to make it clear to her parents that she is already married to Lord Krishan, which no one takes seriously. You advise her to be practical in life. Mirabai was always supported by her grandfather who could die at any moment since he is very old. On the occasion of Janmashtami, Lord Krishan will come and give his blessing to Mira Bai.

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Regarding Mira Bai’s devotion to Lord Krishna, Lavina Tandon says, “It is incredible to play the role of Mira Bai, and now there is a new chapter in which Mira Bai will make an effort to convince her parents. It will be very interesting for viewers to experience the role of Mira Bai with new twists. I also enjoy the shoot and can capture a lot of unknown facts about the story of Lord Krishna and Mira Bai. It is very fascinating for me to write down such a central figure of Mira Bai and to show her devotion to Lord Krishna. I hope the audience enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it. “

In the coming week the audience will see if Krishna’s devotee “Mira Bai” will marry a man from Chittoor ?!

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